'You've won a holiday - press 9'

  Graham. 16:25 08 Dec 06

Someone remind me how this works: I've just received an International 'phone call which says I've won a holiday, press 9 to claim it. What happens if I press 9?

  surfmonkey #:@}© 16:27 08 Dec 06

go ahaed and press 9 you will get a large amount charged to you phone bill up to £20 per minute some thing like that

  Jackcoms 16:27 08 Dec 06

You receive a bloody expensive 'phone bill (but no holiday).

  Vangeliska 16:27 08 Dec 06

For a start, you have NOT won a holiday!

  Vangeliska 16:28 08 Dec 06

Do elaborate on the £20 a minute thing!!!! lol

  Graham. 16:34 08 Dec 06

I thought BT and Offcom had stopped this sort of thing.

  Jackcoms 16:37 08 Dec 06

"I thought BT and Offcom had stopped this sort of thing".

Unfortunately, they have no jurisdiction over Johnny Foreigner.

  dagbladet 16:44 08 Dec 06

Urban myth apparently

click here

  Graham. 16:50 08 Dec 06

Thanks, I knew I'd seen it somewhere before. I wonder what the purpose of the call is, then?

  irishrapter 17:07 08 Dec 06

Yep silly myth.

Think about, how can you be charged for an incoming call?

How would that show up on your bill as a direct dialed call if you didn't dial it? (What would it come up as?)

The only person who can charge you for a non-direct dialed called, or a reversed charged call is an operator that works for your telephone supplier.

  Pidder 18:34 08 Dec 06

Even so, a responding call could be a £ or more per minute, with nothing to gain?

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