You're only supposed to blow the B....y door off

  Grey Goo 03 Apr 13

Hope they had a long fuse Boom

  spuds 03 Apr 13

This is a procedure that as been going on for a few months now, but it hasn't been reported widely.

The authorities are very worrying about possible deaths, because it would seem as though the explosive compounds can be obtained quite easily. Its just a case of using the right amount, which if not used correctly, results in a disaster (like in the security video)or the ATM remaining completely intact.

Perhaps worth a mention, that the information I have, there are no fuses involved!.

  Grey Goo 03 Apr 13

No fuses involved,probably Albanians then.

  fourm member 03 Apr 13

An arrest has been made.

Grey Goo - Are you making some joke that I've missed because just reading it, that line seems offensive?

  carver 03 Apr 13

"No fuses involved,probably Albanians then" most likely correct

  carver 03 Apr 13

Just in case enter link description here fourm member gets his knickers in a twist and thinks you are being racist,(sensitive little bugger) Albanians are supposed to be the toughest crime gangs out there, now do you get it, no need for a fuse.

  fourm member 03 Apr 13


'gets his knickers in a twist'

I thought you didn't like posts getting personal.

Your link says 'Foreign gangs now make up almost 10% of all crime groups operating north of the border, according to work by the SCDEA.' And “We have a list of the top 20% most serious organised crime groups and, each of which is in the ownership of one of the forces or the agency. The Albanians are on that list.”

So Albanians are in the top 20% of 10%. That says they are 2% of the 'crime gangs' (and not all crime is gang-related).

I can see how, if Albanians are 2% responsible for some % of total crime it wouldn't be racist to assume they must be responsible for every crime. Silly me.

  bumpkin 03 Apr 13

Whoever did the job it was bang on the right money.

  carver 03 Apr 13

bumpkin please that's soooo bad, but at least it's funny.

  bumpkin 03 Apr 13

Their Health & Safety policy could do with a review.

  Grey Goo 03 Apr 13

fourm member So sorry if it made you choke on your Horlicks.


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