Your wonga loan details attached

  Ex plorer 10:12 16 Apr 12

Started to get emails over the past two weeks from supposable Wonga Loan Company.

Just wounded if other people are getting these scam emails.

Just to confirm I haven’t used them and never will, I just delete the emails when they arrive.

Details New Payment details From Wonga From:[email protected] [[email protected]] [add contact] Date:16/04/2012 4:48 To: Cc: Bcc:

It says in the email Your Wonga loan details attached securely

Best wishes

The team at Wonga

  spuds 11:47 16 Apr 12

Wonga and a number of similar companies seem to be increasing their advertising, possibly in the wake of investigations that are being conducted on the very high interest charges these companies seem to be charging.

A quick short term minimum payment loan can look very attractive to the desperate and unsure, who may then fall into the trap of having another high interest loan to pay off another high interest loan. The sickening part about all this, is it usually effects the low wage earner the most, who are trying to survive and pay their own way in society.

  lotvic 12:18 16 Apr 12

I'd be inclined to block the sender.

  johndrew 14:04 16 Apr 12

Could also be a scam. Why not contact Wonga and ask why they are spamming you? It may elicit an interesting answer!!

  Ex plorer 14:59 16 Apr 12

spuds, couldn't agree more with your last sentence.

lotvic, I did block them but its getting past some how.

johndrew, Yes a good idea, I have just done that If they reply I will show it here.

Thanks all for your comments.

  wiz-king 17:56 16 Apr 12

Have you checked your credit details in the last couple of weeks. Someone may have applied with your details.

  finerty 14:57 17 Apr 12

some how i received norton pc helper, that downloaded itself onto my pc, managed to delete this piece of software, yet i didn't give them permission neither did i sign up for something

  finerty 14:58 17 Apr 12

Could be that the council sold your details to a marketing company or directly to wonga, even though they deny it

  johndrew 10:29 18 Apr 12

A further thought that those with a legal bent may be able to help with. Given that the e-mail indicates an outstanding debt that is not accurate, could this be construed as demanding money with menaces or attempted fraud if it is sent by Wonga?

  lakethoughts 12:21 18 Apr 12

I've just received that email to my work email address.

I've emailed Wonga to alert them, but it would be good to hear what response you get from them

  lotvic 12:56 18 Apr 12

It's beginning to look like either a phishing scam or someone attempting fraud by using your identity. Keep a beady eye on your bank account and maybe alert the bank etc?

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