Your Personal Helicopter

  woodchip 02 Nov 11

Check this out for a Cheap Helicopter

Click to watch Video at bottom of Page

  Crosstrainer2 02 Nov 11

Interesting use of technology.....I wonder if they will actually put it into production? The only problem I can see is Air Traffic Control and navigation issues, but it certainly looks like a fun machine. Clever use of what looks like one of those "Hopper" balls as the base.

if they develop it to the point where it has a reasonable range, it would certainly be of interest to many people.

If you saw one now, you might be forgiven for thinking you where looking at a UFO though!

  woodchip 02 Nov 11

What's happened to English Ingenuity and Innovation? As this is what gets things moving, England used to be in the forfront of the above, but seems to have lost both its touch and its way

  Crosstrainer2 02 Nov 11


How true, we used to make the best motorcycles in the world....I'm old enough to remember firms like Arial, Triumph, BSA to name but a few.

Concorde and many other innovative technological breakthroughs all came from the UK. No one seems to want to study engineering subjects any longer which is a real shame.

  woodchip 02 Nov 11

When you look at that Helicopter, its not far from the flighing Bedstead, If you can Remember the old Buccaneer when it was being developed. Talking about Motor Bicycles what about James Excelsior AJS Dot Greevs Norman to name but a few plus the old Panther built in Cleckeaten My Uncle was Night Watchman at that Place nothing but a few Sheds joined together to put them together in

  Crosstrainer2 02 Nov 11

I remember them well. Vincent, Norton, Clive Sinclair with the original ZX80 which I owned....And many more inventions came from these shores:


  Woolwell 02 Nov 11

If you are referring to aircraft then the Buccaneer had nothing to do with the Flying Bedstead. Early trials for the P1127 perhaps.

There's a long way to go with this current contraption. You will notice that it had very slow forward speed and directional stability could be a problem especially in windy conditions. No problem with navigation as I doubt if it would ever get out of sight of the ground. ATC and avoidance of others could be a major problem.

  woodchip 02 Nov 11

Can you remember Cyclemaster, Minimotor, and PowerPack, BSA Winged Wheel

  woodchip 02 Nov 11

My first with the World of Motors in about 1953 My First Motor

  Forum Editor 02 Nov 11

What's happened to English Ingenuity and Innovation?

You're obviously not up to speed with what's going on - it's alive and well, although you should substitute 'British' for 'English'.

Run a Google search for the following:-


Horizon Discovery Ltd

E-Stack Ltd

Powertraveller Ltd



Ubisense Real Time Location System

Diverse-Energy Ltd (PowerCube)

ICS Electronics


The list goes on.

  zzzz999 03 Nov 11

I can see Ryanair introducing those into the Glasgow to London service


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