is your PCA site working properly

  carver 16:23 11 Dec 10

Reason I am asking is that for the past few days the site is acting rather weird, pages do not scroll properly and the whole site acts slowly as though its jerking about.

I don't have this problem on any other site just this one, any body else had a similar problem.

  Monoux 16:28 11 Dec 10

Is it to do with click here

  exdragon 16:49 11 Dec 10

Same problem here, but I've literally just upgraded to FF 3.6.13 (from .12) and so far, things seem marginally better.

  BT 16:56 11 Dec 10

The ones causing the problems - Bing & Toshiba at the beginning, had a section above the PC Advisor masthead which seemed to load in late which caused the page to suddenly jump downwards to accommodate it.
The Canon Ad today doesn't have this so the problem isn't happening any more thank goodness. It was getting VERY annoying. I know the ads help pay for the site so they need to be there, but the placing and layout seems to be the problem which needs to be considered.

  carver 17:31 11 Dec 10

That seems like part of the problem, and when typing a reply (same as now) the cursor is blinking and some times disappears then reappears, so annoying.

Been using IE8 will have to try another browser.

  carver 17:36 11 Dec 10

Thats better, Google Chrome doesn't appear to suffer from the same problem, I was beginning to think my PC was developing a fault.

  gardener 18:01 11 Dec 10

I'm glad others are having a problem with the site, I thought it was just me. I'm using Opera and the scrolling is all over the place.

  Forum Editor 18:34 11 Dec 10

We discussed it amongst ourselves, and it appears to have been taken off the ad server, at least until they sort it out.

  carver 19:33 11 Dec 10

Thanks for the reply, I was beginning to think I was going a bit crazy, for the past few days I tried every thing to get this site to run smoothly and have even deleted the keyboard drivers and reinstalled them with no success, now I know why that didn't work.

  carver 19:49 11 Dec 10

Hate to tell you this but if I go back to IE8 the site is still as bad, pages not loading correctly and scrolling is just haphazard, working with Google Chrome every thing is perfect, even Firefox has a few problems.

Any body coming onto this site for the first time will think it's terrible.

  muddypaws 20:09 11 Dec 10

Just tred with Chrome and I have the Canon adverts each side, but FF has a lovely clean page.

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