Is your office space shrinking?

  TOPCAT® 19:09 20 Jul 06

Seems this is the case in some expensive areas as employers make use of every inch to save money. Maybe the old adage "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" is literally the case right now in many offices, if you get my drift. :o) TC.

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  Jimmy14 21:21 20 Jul 06

contributing to the article is

"Technology is helping to fuel this trend. For example, moving to flat screen monitors means that desks can be shuffled closer together allowing you to squeeze more desks into the same space."
Matt Daniels, London


  BT 08:19 22 Jul 06

There are regulations about how much space should be allocated to each employee.

See the HSA website:-

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34 Regulation 10 (1) introduces consideration of safety and welfare to the requirement on working space. The ACOP space standard of 11 cubic metres per person is based on the OSRP Act standard and relates to the volume of the room when empty. It is purely a value that does not take into account space taken up by furnishings, etc, and may not yield sufficient unoccupied space to comply with the regulation. Action may be appropriate where cramped working conditions are caused by excessive furnishings, equipment, etc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:24 22 Jul 06

I seem to remember an old term "Elbow room"

"give me some elbow room"

meaning allow me some space to do my job.

I teach people to work on highly technical equipment sometimes in very confined spaces.
There is very little spare space in a locomtive's "engine room".
Some of the fitters would love to have the space allocated to those office workers.

  silverous 17:55 22 Jul 06

Our office its too big as our company is 'shrinking' but we are probably going to move into a new space later this year.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:57 23 Jul 06

and does 55mph (limited). Plus I can open the window when I want and have my own choice of music too! But I dunno about the 11 cubic meters...


  ade.h 23:03 23 Jul 06

"Is your office space shrinking?"

Yes, I keep having to put up more shelves.

  VoG II 00:22 24 Jul 06

We've recently moved office. I now have a huge office but with a desk for hotdesking. I'll soon fill it up, don't worry.

  Pegasus. 02:22 24 Jul 06



  silverous 09:22 24 Jul 06

Do you work with Excel all day? Can I be so bold as to ask what you do?

  ade.h 13:21 24 Jul 06

He works for NASA as its chief rocket scientist ;-p

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