Your Favourite position

  Zero G 11:40 13 Jan 07

Whislt sitting at a computer?
Seems that some people sit in the wrong position or their posture is wrong and this is increasing the risk of damaging your back. Seems that back injuries are on the increase.

  spuds 11:58 13 Jan 07

Sitting in the correct position is very important, and this fact as now become very well known and publicised. Many companies have had to rethink our their employees are treated in respect of office equipment, and this in turn as resulted in extending comforts to the home IT environment.

I once used a typical 'typist' office chair, which had a primitive back support and no side handles. Changing to an executive style chair with correct back and arm support plus gas suspension as made a vast difference, both in comfort and practical use. Yes the luxury cost quite a bit extra, but it as repaid for itself many times over.

  Giant68 12:01 13 Jan 07

I tend to slouch in the chair if I'm actually typing, like now. If I'm just browsing I lay back with my feet up and a trackball resting on my lap. Very bad for the posture, I'm sure, but very comfortable.
Enough typing now, back to feet up!


  Watchful 12:31 13 Jan 07

Sitting straight up in my office swivel chair with feet on the chair's feet.

  grw 12:44 13 Jan 07

Like spuds, I invested in a executive style chair. In most cases back damage, like repetitive strain injuries occurs over a long time span. Current thinking is that your spine should lean back at a slight angle. You should also have regular breaks.

  Bingalau 16:07 13 Jan 07

And I thought this was a thread about "sex" ..Bingalau..

  Zero G 16:42 13 Jan 07

It's about a serious subject, but may be some will have hoped it was more;)

  Zero G 16:44 13 Jan 07

When i was at college a few years ago and we had a lecture on the right posture & how you should sit in front of a pc screen. Looking back at my notes today made me think do others have a problem.

  Stuartli 21:06 13 Jan 07

But this recent report, widely reported at the time, begs to differ...:-)

click here

  Brumas 23:52 13 Jan 07

Certainly an eye-opener!

  Watchful 08:23 14 Jan 07

An expert, at the end of the article, says the link is still very theoretical so I'll stick to sitting with a straight back as I've never suffered with back pain. Interesting read though especially the bit about back pain being 'human nature' as that seems to confirm the widely held belief that it's just another excuse for some (I stress, some) to take time off work.

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