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  rdave13 24 Mar 12

I'm not sure that this is the appropriate forum to post this but I think Google is losing the plot. Searched for Labi Siffre's song Something Inside So Strong and came upon this,

Don't watch it if offended by war pictures as it's horrible. We all know that these thing go on but what is unforgivable are the comments left and they're apparently not edited? If they are then not moderated enough for my taste. Bare in mind I'm never singed up to YT as I'm always signed out of Gmail before going to YT, so this will come up to whomever searches. Bad taste in my mouth. Again.

  onthelimit1 25 Mar 12

I never read the comments on YT as so many people seem to think that anonymity gives them the freedom to say anything they like, no matter how perverse or disgusting.

  interzone55 25 Mar 12


You Tube's comments section is pretty rough, but moderating a site with as many posts as You Tube would be a full time job for thousands of people.

I think if the person who posted a video complains about a comment then it's pulled.

  rdave13 25 Mar 12

I think you're right about it being impractical moderating the site as it's done here. So I imagine it's done automatically when picking up certain words. Possibly the filtering could be better?

  interzone55 25 Mar 12


Filtering posts would be tantamount to censorship, something that's a sore point on the internet.

Besides, it's not very easy to do successfully, as many who live in Scunthorpe found out when trying to sign up for Facebook in the early days.

I think it's best to ignore the posts as onthelimit1 suggests

  rdave13 25 Mar 12

I agree if these posts were on a 18+ site where you at least had to log in to view. It's just difficult when trying to supervising your child when on the net browsing You Tube.

  Quickbeam 25 Mar 12

They're not worth reading anyway, so I only notice how bad they are when someone points them out, as in this thread. The main video content is all I look at from a link.

  interzone55 25 Mar 12


I doubt there's anything on You Tube that isn't said in the school yard

  Woolwell 25 Mar 12

The puerile comments on YouTube were mentioned on a previous thread and Comment Snob was recommended to block out the foul language etc. It works reasonably well - not 100%.

  rdave13 25 Mar 12

Thanks for that Woolwell. A good find.

  rdave13 25 Mar 12

I've got Comment Snob set to block all the comments. Excellent, and thanks again Woolwell.


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