Is you mobile phone secure?

  anchor 12:13 30 Jul 09

A friend in Canada sent my this video showing the potential risk of having your mobile phone bugged.

I don`t know if it would also apply in the UK.

click here

  dagnammit 12:19 30 Jul 09

The bit I picked up was.... "with her permission I installed spy software on her phone"

So they need access to the actual phone... they can't just tap in.

  anchor 12:29 30 Jul 09

As I understood it the author made the actual test with the owners permission. This would not apply if it was done illegally.

Perhaps the spyware is introduced if the phone is connected to the Internet; it was not made clear.

  Colin 12:48 30 Jul 09

Ooh - that nasty internet! It's to blame for everything. I only got 2 minutes into the video before losing interest.

  carver 12:49 30 Jul 09

It can be done remotely, but this does need the cooperation of your service provider.

  dagnammit 12:52 30 Jul 09

Sorry anchor I think that it is nonsense and scaremongering.

Do you get a virus on your computer by just visiting the interweb? No.

  carver 13:38 30 Jul 09

When you can have a phone turned into a brick by a simple update click here

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You haven't any anti virus programme or fire wall on your phone, try going onto the web and browsing various sites without any.

  dagnammit 15:13 30 Jul 09

carver... firmware updates are not simple. The fact that they appear simple to the use is the experts making it appear that way. Any firmware update can go awry and what apple is saying there is that updating from modified firmware to official firmware will possibly render your device as as a "brick". This can happen with any device even a games console... once you run CFW you cannot go back to OFW.

I regularly do use mobile web... and there's nothing wrong with my phone.

Tin foil hats anyone?

  birdface 15:28 30 Jul 09

Some mobile phones can be picked up on scanners.If you have a mobile phone I would not dream of contacting my bank or ordering anything off of the Internet as they will pick up all off your details.Not sure if the new digital scanners pick up different mobile calls or not.

  dagnammit 15:36 30 Jul 09

I know cordless house phones can but not mobile phones.

  sunnystaines 18:06 30 Jul 09

in the old days of analouge phones you could pick them up easy on a radio scanner but not since they went digital as far as i know.

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