You couldn't make it up

  babybell 16:12 26 Sep 08

Down here in Bristol we have had years of wait for the city centre to be re-developed. Problems with building work delayed the project but for the last few months it's been nothing but hype about the opening of the new shopping centre with peole involved calling it "a monumental step in Bristols shopping experience" and last night it finally opened! Thousands of people turned out for the big opening.........and a day later, this has happened!

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People were already mentioning loose paving slabs but for this to happen is unbelieveable!

  DANZIG 16:28 26 Sep 08

Its happening here as well. St Georges Square, in front of the railway station (much lovedby John Betjeman no less) was redeveloped a few years ago. Lots of slabs put down, seating and the works.

Quite nice it was too, especially the trees they planted there.

Just as the trees are getting to some sort of maturity and really setting the place off well, what does our genius local council do?

Chop them down in order to TOTALLY cover the place in slabs.

You couldn't make it up!

  Clapton is God 16:39 26 Sep 08

It's called "teething troubles".

And I don't mean the baby in a pushchair ...

  babybell 16:51 26 Sep 08

I would have thought teething troubles were the tills not working or cctv cameras not working. Not a pane of glass falling out of a window!!!

  Forum Editor 18:00 26 Sep 08

It probably happened because people were rushing to finish the job, and nobody carried out a final inspection. People have been negligent, and no doubt the baby's mother will be compensated.

It was a very unfortunate accident, and I hope the baby is OK. Let's not build it into a world-stopping event.

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