You can tell it's Easter!

  Jak_1 16:57 21 Mar 08

It's snowing here in Manchester!

  laurie53 17:08 21 Mar 08

Yes, it's Easter alright.

Just been stuck in my first ten mile queue behind a caravan on the A9 in Perthshire.

  Clapton is God 17:28 21 Mar 08

"It's snowing here in Manchester!"

What are you moaning about?

That makes a change from the usual rain, doesn't it?

  tullie 17:32 21 Mar 08

You can tell Supermarket is closed on Monday,all the idiots are out stocking up supplies,just incase!

  anskyber 17:36 21 Mar 08

I'll be glad when it's over.

Almost 4 days of Groundhog Day Sundays with christians moaning about the 94% of the population who do not go to church or respect their demands for a total shut down.

  Pineman100 17:47 21 Mar 08

In fairness, this is the earliest that Easter's been for over 90 years. So snow isn't really so astonishing.

If you want to know how the date of Easter is calculated, I can't help you. It's apparently a complex calculation involving the phases of the moon, pi and the Archbishop of Canterbury's inside leg measurement.

  Quickbeam 17:58 21 Mar 08

Does that mean the Archbishop of Canterbury is a short-arse then?

  Noels 18:09 21 Mar 08

I cut the grass yesterday. The birds are singing.
My wife has bought small Easter Eggs to hide round the garden for our two little grandchildren to find and I bought some Jersey spuds for Easter day dinner, they cost a fortune but are well worth it with tasty butter and mint.
Oh yes my wife has been to church every night this week which is Holy Week. Which some of us Christians still celebrate!

  Noels 18:24 21 Mar 08

I keep a diary of weather events and I see that on this same date in 2001 half of our Shropshire schools were closed due to blizzards.
Nothing changes

  anskyber 18:25 21 Mar 08

It's a silly arrangement and it's time we settled on a holiday which is fixed.

The date for Easter varies around the world, what nonsense. The christian one based on the roman decree is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. Daft, as daft as christianity itself.

  Noels 18:39 21 Mar 08

That make life so wonderful.
If we were all identical would'nt life be boreing.
I love it.I would,nt change a minute of my last 70+ yrs. You just have to flow with the tide and lie back an enjoy it. Oil the wheels don't throw sand in the works.

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