yorkshire bible stories

  peg 21:36 03 Apr 08

found this really funny but then again i am a Yorkshire lad born n bred. click here

  barca1 21:40 03 Apr 08

"Peg" i loved it..lol been a yorkshire man as well (thats if peg doesnt mean "PEGGY") its so true to the word "Aint it lass" :-)

  peg 21:43 03 Apr 08

thats if peg doesnt mean "PEGGY"
no am a man or was the last time i looked.

  Bingalau 21:50 03 Apr 08

I wonder will some of the ex-matelots on here remember the rugby type song which started as follows...

Young folk, old folk
Everybody come
To the darkie Sunday School,
And we'll have lots of fun
Bring your sticks of chewing gum
And sit down upon the floor
and we'll tell you Bible stories
That you've never heard before.

Yes, thank you I have got the rest of the words ...

  interzone55 21:53 03 Apr 08

Where'd you get the name peg, I was called that in my scouting days, don't know why though...

I think I'll order a copy of that book, it's pretty damn funny, I nearly bought a copy years ago but left it in the shop & bought a copy of Politically Correct Bedtime Stories instead, which is equally hilarious, but in a different way...
click here

  barca1 21:57 03 Apr 08

"peg"..Upps's (chuckle) sorry "Mate"..:-)

  peg 22:00 03 Apr 08

its just my initials, never thought it would put into question my gender :~) I think my nephew has Politically Correct Bedtime Stories i will have borrow it.

  peg 22:03 03 Apr 08

No probs, think i will have a shave , pump some iron, drink beer n some other macho stuff.

  peg 22:18 03 Apr 08

on the subject of local dialect is the above link harder to read for people not from the largest county in GB (Yorkshire)anybody got any other examples ?

  normskinner 22:19 03 Apr 08

We of course have the best airlines in the UK bar none.

click here

  MAT ALAN 22:21 03 Apr 08

click here

Av a butchers at this then me old china's...

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