yet another scam through the letterbox

  theDarkness 18 Sep 12

I received a card today (Hong Kong postage paid) stating its from Sullivan Pierce Levin, stating i'd won £119,613.00. It shows a pin number at the bottom of the card, above an official charles sanders signature, of which I must use to phone and claim my prize. They cant phone me for whatever reason (they are lying, or if they're after bank details, cant get hold of me on the phone, since I never answer any calls with a hidden or questionable number). Yes, its an obvious scam, mirroring the type you receive via email, essentially replacing 'click here to give us your deails' with a 'phone xxxx'. It seems to have been aimed at the US originally when I enter 'sullivan pierce levin hong kong' into google and read up on gullible people trying to claim their prize. It would seem common sense that if you dont remember entering any similar competition, dont phone, but then there are plenty of desperate people out there that will phone, sadly.

The increase in scam phone calls over the last couple of years is one thing, but within the next ten I am beginning to think that my physical letterbox may start to act like my email inbox, with plenty of scam related spam flowing through it! Spam from genuine supermarkets is more than enough for me at the moment! The only other thing I wonder is how the above could have found my address when its not in the phone book. I suppose I'll never know, and its likely to be far easier than I imagine. Scams of this sort have surely been around since the 80s, the only changes being the easy access of data for the scammers (phone numbers/addresses) as a result of computing and the net for sharing their data. Unfortunately when it gets right down to finding a solution and its starts to mount up over the next few years, its alot easier to change an email than it is to change an address, lol

  lotvic 19 Sep 12

The Electoral Roll is where most snail mail spam comes from... I won the Spanish Lottery about 1995/6 (I know it was before 1997 when I moved house) it was a lovely letter, had seals and embellishments, real posh:)

Perhaps I should have taken up the invitation to write them with my bank details so they could pay me my prize ;)


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