yet another rip off

  Cicha13 15:09 27 Feb 05

I set up a new hotmail account because of spam on the old one. A now I find that if I want to interface with outlook I now have to pay 15.00 to microsoft for something I have been doing free of charge for years! This seems crazy and in my view their tactics seem to be create a dependency then charge the licence payer as much as possible even although we have paid licences for xp and office. So much for bill Gates vision of an interoperable world when in fact ms are creating their own barriers and then charging the consumer for ot.

  octal 18:50 27 Feb 05

"now I find that if I want to interface with outlook"

Who says so ;-)

click here

  sunny staines 19:21 27 Feb 05

go gmail still free

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:51 27 Feb 05

You have to connect to the net to download Outlook it really that arduous to connect to the net and then connect to Hotmail? What a stressful world we live in.


  bvw in bristol 00:06 28 Feb 05

Dear MSN Member,

Recently, Hotmail® announced that in order to improve customer experience and reduce spam and junk e-mail abuse on MSN® services, Hotmail will no longer allow new e-mail accounts to be accessed via Microsoft® Office Outlook® and Outlook Express.

We are pleased to inform you that because you are an existing and valued customer, at this time your current Hotmail and MSN account(s) are exempt from this restriction and you will be able to continue enjoying access to those accounts from Outlook or Outlook Express. However, any new Hotmail or MSN accounts you create will not be accessible via Outlook or Outlook Express.

Because you actively use Outlook or Outlook Express to access one or more of your MSN Hotmail or MSN e-mail accounts, this could be the ideal time to consider subscribing to our powerful new
e-mail service - Microsoft Office Outlook Live.


I've received a couple of these emails recently.....they do warn you what will happen if you open a new Hotmail account.

  helmetshine 00:53 28 Feb 05


So Microsoft have provided a free service to you for years (Hotmail),have also,for years,allowed it to interface with they've decided not to give that function away for nothing....what a rip dare they stop giving things away...maybe Bill Gates should be shot.....maybe wouldn't wanna pay for the bullets either would you.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:23 01 Mar 05

bvw in bristol

Yes i remember this email.

sunny staines -

Gmail isn't POP3


  Forum Editor 18:45 01 Mar 05

is beyond me.

In the real world companies exist to make money - not to provide free resources to the entire planet ad infinitum. Microsoft has allowed millions of people to use the Hotmail servers completely free of charge for years, and a goodly percentage of those people have abused the priviledge right, left and centre.

The writing's been on the wall for a long time, and to call Microsoft's action a rip off is too silly for words.

  watchful 18:57 01 Mar 05

Shouldn't this be under 'Consumerwatch'?

  octal 19:18 01 Mar 05

Excuse if I'm wrong, but isn't it still free? All they are asking is to use the web site to access the emails for free, if you want pop3 service, you pay for it.

  Buchan 35 20:21 01 Mar 05

I can just about hear Uncle Bill saying "Buddy, can you spare a dime". There`ll be thousands on this forum who have never heard the expression so ask an older relative

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