Yet another rant those that want our money

  jack 20:02 04 Dec 08

The government that is and in particular the BBC and the TV Licensing department
This outfit are well represented in the 'Getting it Wrong stakes' - chasing after people that have no receiving equipment- threats of things dire - and ignoring responses and so forth.
Here is another
Earlier this week received in the post addressed to my late wife from said outfit a missive on yellow paper[indicating FREEE licence holder] reminding her that the licence issued in January this year was about to expire, and would she care to furnish further detail.
I recalled having seen this item in her files and I also recalled seeing the way it was made out.
So I dug it out, Yes I was right -said license issued January 2008 was good for 3 years[to the end of 2010]
I phoned the the 0845 number and spoke to a 'child'[certainly a very young female] and told her this fact- and she was completely non plussed.
In the event I told that the licence could now pass to me as I now qualify and passed my details.
So now we await developments

  laurie53 20:25 04 Dec 08

If you qualify for a free licence can't see how they want your money?

  oresome 20:28 04 Dec 08

Just as well they contacted you jack.

The licence which was in your late wife's name needed ammending to maintain it's validity.

I had a similar situation earlier this year. The household was covered by a licence in my mother in law's name. She died and the licence had over 2 years to expiry. I contacted the licencing authority and they told me the remainder of the year in progress remained valid, but then I would have to purchase one in my name.

I was actually expecting to have to purchase one immediately.

  jack 14:56 06 Dec 08

Laurie 53
I take your point - but I really commenting on the general level of ineptitude if the bureaucy that rules our lives.
A 3 year licence was in existence - did they know the holder had passed away?
As with orsomes point- the licence had time to run

  Forum Editor 15:08 06 Dec 08

I hardly think that a simple (and harmless) administrative error is sufficient to qualify the TV licensing department as having a 'general level of ineptitude'.

It seems to me that you've taken a tiny molehill of an incident and tried to blow it up into something far bigger than it is.

  tullie 15:27 06 Dec 08

Agree FE

  Cymro. 15:55 06 Dec 08

"It seems to me that you've taken a tiny molehill of an incident and tried to blow it up into something far bigger than it is".

Something that happens all too often on this forum.

  laurie53 20:19 06 Dec 08

And what's wrong with that?

You'll be suggesting next that we think before we post.

Take us years to get to 400,000 at that rate!

  Forum Editor 00:36 07 Dec 08

Heaven forbid! The forum wouldn't be nearly as much fun if everyone did that.

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