Yes / No Scotland debate

  spider9 11:41 17 Aug 14

The thread about Scotland's imminent referendum seems to have been removed. It was, in my view, quite a good and comprehensive exchange of views from all sides.

Complete removal of threads like that certainly leaves me feeling that further contributions to 'Speaker's Corner' are a bit of a waste of time and effort if they might be destroyed in an instant.

I can appreciate that possibly a certain member may have crossed some line - but to remove all ensuing discussions on what turned out to be interesting topics (over 3 000 views I seem to recall) seems somewhat 'over the top'.

Does the fact that there has been no 'activity' in the forum since the deletion 18 hours ago, mean that I am not alone in this view?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:10 17 Aug 14

I think when the "silver mouse" strikes out a member all that member's posts are deleted and if that member started a thread then the whole set of posts from everyone also goes with it.

Necessary for the spammers as it would be impossible to go through every thread on the site just deleting individual posts.

  spider9 12:43 17 Aug 14

"Necessary for the spammers..."

I must confess that I don't understand that point, FruitBat.

Surely if a member has seriously transgressed, then his registration can be removed so that he can no longer post (spam or otherwise?). An offensive post can also easily be removed on it's own. I am at a loss to see why all other posts from members require to be removed as well.

  Flak999 12:54 17 Aug 14


"Does the fact that there has been no 'activity' in the forum since the deletion 18 hours ago, mean that I am not alone in this view?"

You seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that this forum conforms to some sort of democratic principle?

It doesn't!

Our ability (or lack thereof) to be able to post here is entirely at the capricious whim of the FE. it is he, and he alone that decides our fates! It is a bit like Nero sitting in judgement of the gladiators in the coliseum, will it be thumb up or down? Life or virtual death?

It was no accident that I picked the Downfall film clip in an attempt to parody the actions of the FE decision making process! In effect all that is required of us is the response Führer befehl, wir folgen!

I don't know what transgressions those that have been dismissed were guilty of, but i usually find that if you privately email the FE he will sometimes deign to give you a reason for his decision.

To be frank, I am more than a little surprised that he allows my thread on Islam to continue for as long as it has, I did receive one warning in that thread but that was all. Perhaps he thought a bit of controversy would stir the pot a bit and get more people posting as it has been very quiet in here of late.

  john bunyan 13:25 17 Aug 14


Does the fact that there has been no 'activity' in the forum since the deletion 18 hours ago, mean that I am not alone in this view?

I can understand why some things are deleted but as you see from the response here

Other thread

at least 2 "non spam" threads have been summarily deleted. Obviously FE has a difficult job, and I am grateful to have this forum, but some of the more - shall we say- controversial - members have either left or been banned recently. Providing a degree of politeness is observed a bit of vigorous discussion is, I would have thought, no bad thing. I have disagreed with your good self from time to time, and quite enjoyed the discussion! I hope the Speakers Corner continues, but at the moment (maybe holidays?) it seems almost too quiet.

  Woolwell 13:54 17 Aug 14

In view of this thread I'm going to start a new one. The problem being that I don't have time to sit and respond to points made.

  Woolwell 14:04 17 Aug 14

The yes/no debate hasn't gone completely quiet see Herald Scotland. It would seem that the female vote may decide the outcome with currently the majority of women planning to vote No. It seems that they don't like Salmond.

  spider9 14:36 17 Aug 14


I wasn't saying that the 'Scotland' debate had dried up - just that all activity on this forum had ceased since the threads were deleted. Up here it's certainly going strong - never had this number of canvassers calling for ANY previous election. The Labour lot (eleven of them I counted) even had time to organise a group photo of themselves !!

" It seems that they (women) don't like Salmond."

Does that imply that women don't understand that making such momentous decisions based on 'liking' someone is a little bit silly? (or is it simply another manifestation of the 'celebrity' culture?).

Can women not see that Salmond is only the conduit to possible independence, and will be unlikely to be part of any future 'independent' government - Scotland will likely return to it's 'natural' Labour home.

  Aitchbee 14:42 17 Aug 14


I would suggest that women, in general, are not gamblers by nature, and therefore, they [most women, that is] are 'pre-conditioned' to see [in their minds' eyes] Salmond exactly for what he is; that is, in his private as well as in his public life ... a serial gambler!

  Aitchbee 14:49 17 Aug 14

... on the other hand most Scottish housewives like to completely change the decor in their homes [carpets/wallpaper/curtains/ etc. at least every coupla' years!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:55 17 Aug 14


that appears to happen south of the border as well.

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