woody 05 May 11

Has any one looked at this site? The site gives details of crimes down to street level. Have you checked the crime figs for your road and are they correct?

  woody 06 May 11

Is there no one interested in the amount of crime,or lack of it,in their area?

  Forum Editor 06 May 11

I'm sure that lots of people are interested, it's just that we had a fairly long-running thread about exactly the same site not long ago.

  Kevscar1 07 May 11

How would we know if they are correct or not. People don't come to my door to tell me that they have been attacked or burgled.

  Quickbeam 07 May 11

It's easier if we just have to click a link Bobbies R Us.com

  Quickbeam 07 May 11

It's easier if we just have to click a link Bobbies R Us

  Quickbeam 07 May 11

It won't work, is it me or the site at fault?

  woody 07 May 11

F.E. Sorry but i did not notice posters actually commenting if their patch data was correct.The site is supposed to help the public and if the police do not respond when we tell them the prog produces data "which is less than truthful" what is the point of the prog?

"Kevscar" They do not list street num but show a collective num of crimes for a street.If you live in a normally quiet street with no crime and suddenly there are a lot listed - you would ask your locals what has happened.I have lived in London,for example, and realise no one knows the people next door!

In my case crime is listed and no crime has been committed - how do i know - i asked all the houses (friends) .Then i got the police to accept their prog was "faulty" and then asked if they would remove the faulty data. Now into the third month and no reply!!

  wiz-king 07 May 11

Quickbeam Your links have one too many ///'s

  Graham. 08 May 11
  finerty 09 May 11

ask pc plod from noddy, im sure he's telling the truth on like whats going on ear, ear, here and everywhere


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