WW2 Relic Does Anyone know what this is.?

  tein 14:54 09 Sep 09

HI everyone! Where I live not far from here is the beach (North Yorkshire) & it was a busy time for the MOD in the WW2 they built lots of Batteries like this one click here

About 28 years ago my brother in law found this object with his brother & they didn’t know what it was so they left it hidden BUT not buried! yesterday some 28 years later they was out walking their dogs next to the beach where they remembered this item & decided to see if it’s still there! By luck it was surrounded by bushes BUT they cut a way onto them & found the Bell like object! It stands some 3/4 foot high & we are totally lost as to what the object is.?

as kids they couldn’t move it much so they rolled it into the bushes & hid it now it’s being there all this time you can see over the years it’s been covered in dirt & been buried my brother has took it home & wants to know what it is.? Has anyone got any idea please.??

Here is a few photo's:

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

  jakimo 15:03 09 Sep 09

These usualy come in pairs,Bill lived in one,and Ben lived in the other

  ronalddonald 15:07 09 Sep 09

always ask the MOD since they would have some kind of archive of pictures. Certainly not Bill and Ben the Flower pot people but might be, blib blib blib blob blob blob.

  Cymro. 15:48 09 Sep 09

I would have thought that if it was an MOD item it would have some sort of markings on it.
What is it made of?

  Bingalau 16:41 09 Sep 09

If it was only 28 years ago that it was discovered. What makes you think it is an MOD item? It looks like some sort of cast iron boiler to me. Hey! It might be an original cooking pot from a Viking Invading ship.

  jack 17:03 09 Sep 09

canyou confirm that?
with what appears to be and outlet spigot at the bottom of it.

Probably a sump to collect drainage water from a pillbox or gun mounting.

  tein 17:03 09 Sep 09

Intresting ideas! its solid cast Iron & has a lump on the top.? also whats more intresting IF it is a bell then where it was burried was close too a Village that was lost to the Sea many years ago & its is thought that they had a church.? im not sure its MOD related it was just a point relating to where it was burried..Thankx for your replies.

  wiz-king 18:12 09 Sep 09

Looks like the inside of a small tar boiler, may have been used by a fisherman for caulking boats.
Any thing on the inside?

  tein 19:17 09 Sep 09

wiz-king hi pic 3 shows the inside and as far as im aware there is no clues.??

  jack 08:11 10 Sep 09

Bells are cast in Bell Metal - a type of bronze
it would also have hanging hoops at the closed end and a mount for a clapper in the closed end.

A liner for a boiler seems a clue for Tar or cooking seafood
Note the protrusion[spigot] at the base- if it is hollow then that is a drain.

  Technotiger 08:37 10 Sep 09

I wonder if the 'fish' sign on the rim, is a clue?

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