Would you like Trident next door?

  spider9 21:46 17 May 15

A whistleblower is being 'sought'

Trident whistleblower

Here is his statement - who to believe?


  wee eddie 22:18 17 May 15

Trident infinity preferable to Putin

  LastChip 23:49 17 May 15

If the claims are true (and it's my gut instinct to believe this chap), I sincerely hope he doesn't suffer the same fate as Snowden.

All to often, in the name of efficiency, cuts are made until the ultimate catastrophe happens. Why is it, that those who have the power to act, continuously fail to do so?

When something blows up, or worse, all we'll get is "lessons will be learned." I'd love a pound for every time I've read that during my lifetime.

In spite of the risk of incurring the wrath of our Scottish members, do we need Trident? In my view unquestionably we do and I would say that even if it were moored on the Thames near to where I live. Certainly close enough for me to be obliterated! In this unstable world, we need it more than ever - as the deterrent that it is.

Maybe it's time the Nuclear Inspectorate have the same powers of inspection in the services as they do in civil power stations. If nothing else, it would prove one way or the other if cost cuts are in fact compromising safety.

  morddwyd 09:12 18 May 15

I may lose my pension over this, but I was the Technical Controller on such a base, only RAF, not long before I retired.

Unless things have deteriorated rapidly and markedly in the last few years this is likely to be a mare's nest, raised by a disgruntled very junior rating.

We, and our work, were constantly subject to the most stringent double checks and scrutiny both in house and external, in everything we did. That included our drinking and lifestyle habits, and those of our immediate families.

I once received a written formal reprimand for passing a spanner to a colleague the wrong way, that's how strict things were.

I had the Prime Minister's bedside telephone number at my desk, available to all just by looking, including youngsters straight from training, and we all had standing instructions to ring her (it was Margaret at the time) at any time, day or night, if we had even the slightest concerns.

I can't think things have changed that much, even if the rules have, the people haven't.

  spider9 09:19 18 May 15


Like yourself, I tend to think there will be truth in what this man says, and the one phrase from the Navy that gave me a shudder was ".and that it was concerned for his wellbeing". Would that be laying the ground for the man to be 'unwell'?

I just found that a strange thing to say about someone who was heavily criticising your set-up!

Thankfully more and more people now seem to be questioning the role of Trident - a weapon that can never be used (in any circumstances) - and this may well convert a few more!

Strange thing, just been on BBC news homepage and can find no mention of this story, it only appears on the 'Scottish' news page!!

  john bunyan 10:13 18 May 15

This featured on BBC radio 4 Today programme. I agree with morddwyd .

Like him, but in a different role (looking for security / potential terrorist vulnerabilities) I once had some knowledge here, but will not discuss classified issues. I have had, and would not have, any worries living near the Clyde Submarine Base, nor any worries serving on a Trident submarine.

A rant from a very junior rating - clearly it must be looked at by an independent expert, but my answer to your thread title : Yes.

  spider9 11:10 18 May 15

john bunyan

You say:-

"Would I like Trident next door to me? Yes."

I'm sure Scotland would just love to oblige you!!

  spider9 11:21 18 May 15

wee eddie "Trident infinity preferable to Putin"

How does Trident save us from Putin? Did the fact that he knew Europe had nuclear arms stop him in Ukraine? Does the fact that other nations have nuclear missiles stop the US and UK invading other countries - no it doesn't

Or are you suggesting that every country should have 'Tridents' so that everyone in the world could feel 'safe' from attack? Gets ridiculous doesn't it, when some logic is applied?

  morddwyd 13:11 18 May 15

Actually this says more about the Navy's selection procedures than their security.

It's not so long since disgruntled rating shot dead an officer on a nuclear sub.

  bumpkin 13:35 18 May 15

It's not so long since disgruntled rating shot dead an officer on a nuclear sub.

Does not say a lot for security then.

  john bunyan 16:04 18 May 15


I know that our views on Trident will never agree. I am in favour as, if one is to have a deterrent at all, Trident is the "best".

It is , indeed a deterrent, and has, in my view , been a factor in the safety of this country.

Who can predict the future threat? Russia is obvious, but no doubt Iran wants such weapons. Now one hears that Saudi Arabia may be in the market - a country from which the 9/11 terrorists came, and a suspected, if unofficial sponsor of ISIS - their future is uncertain, should the extremists take over one day.

Saudi Arabia

We are in an alliance with US and France that, between us, provide NATO with a powerful deterrent, and I, for one, fully support it. The cost, spread over the years is part of the Defence Budget, and would not be used for non defence issues, even if it were scrapped.

As this is an issue on which we fundamentally disagree, and I see no merit in debating whether or not we should retain it.

The whistle-blower was concerned mostly about the actual boats rather than the shore facilities, and those that are loaded roam around the world rather than lurking off Scotland, in any case. I reiterate that I have indeed spent a lot of time in the region, and have friends in Hellensburgh who are entirely relaxed about it.

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