Would you have stopped to help the driver?...

  canarieslover 18:24 07 Jul 10

....or just to help yourself?

click here

  onthelimit 18:38 07 Jul 10

Well, it was in Italy - look what happend when 4 Cooper Ss went there!

  canarieslover 18:48 07 Jul 10

I don't think you can count,or you watched a different version to the one that I did. "Three Mini Cooper Ss, able to navigate the gridlock in unconventional ways, will follow Beckermann's unusual route through Turin to evacuate the gold." Quote from Wikipedia.

  onthelimit 19:47 07 Jul 10

Time has passed - I was sure it was four! I've checked and you're right - three it was - red, white and blue (of course) - hang on lads, I've got a great idea - classic.

  morddwyd 19:49 07 Jul 10

Would be nice to be altruistic, but I suspect that I would have been scooping up whatever I could!

  Kevscar1 07:05 08 Jul 10

Straight theft in this country and I suspect most of us would have been more concerned for the injured.

  morddwyd 07:26 08 Jul 10

I suspect you have an overly optimistic view of your fellow countrymen.

Mobiles, wallets, handbags, and vehicle parts regularly disappear from crash sites both before and after the emergency services arrive.

  AL47 07:31 08 Jul 10

If it was coins I would probably help.. had it been untracable notes.. I hate to say it but I dunno

  Strawballs 07:44 08 Jul 10

Notes are more traceable as they have serial numbers on them

  BT 08:08 08 Jul 10

even minor ones, there is almost invariably a spark plug and often a single shoe amongst the debris.

  michaelw 09:24 08 Jul 10

I told you to just blow the bloody doors off...

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