Would you buy a cardboard bicycle?

  WhiteTruckMan 11:11 28 Jun 08

Article: click here

Short video: click here

Speaking personally, quite possibly. I don't know if it would ever take off in a big way, but 100% hats off to this young chap for coming up with it, even if I dont know if its an original idea or not. If he can make it work then good for him!

What do you think?


  Cymro. 11:20 28 Jun 08

It puts me in mind of all those wonderful gadgets that one used to see on the TV program Tomorrows World. Really very, very clever but never seen or heard of since.
Sorry for being negative.

  namtas 11:38 28 Jun 08

I would not wish to stifle enthusiasm or enterprise but this can only have a very limited life as a 21st century hobby horse, technically lacking strength where required and totally unsuitable for any form of chain drive or pedals, a concept that is not practical in my opinion

  Quickbeam 11:45 28 Jun 08


  Cymro. 12:13 28 Jun 08

In the article above he seems to think that rain will be no problem, and in the video there appears to be both a chain and pedals on it.

  WhiteTruckMan 12:23 28 Jun 08

because its been built to the strengths of the material instead of trying to imitate tubular steel. I think it merely looks heavy, but isnt. And the guy is honest about proposed durability. But for occasional use....

People were doubtfull about james dyson too.


  robgf 12:50 28 Jun 08

The intention is to make it less attractive to thieves, but I doubt that it would be any less likely to be stolen than a steel frame bike.
You would still need to chain the wheels to the frame and frame to a fence, otherwise only part of your bike would remain when you returned.
It would be very vulnerable to being cut, or set fire to by pranksters (morons).

I keep an old bike for going to the shops, which is just a basic bike, with nothing detachable on it. And the wheel and saddle clamp nuts I machined into cones with slots, which only undo with my tool. Saves removing the saddle and chaining the wheels.

  spuds 14:17 28 Jun 08

I wonder how it would fair with cats and other animals (scratching, clawing, chewing and biting type) and a thieving arsonist?.

Didn't notice any brakes, so perhaps a fixed pedal job. Anyone for a steep downhill race ;o)

  Forum Editor 14:39 28 Jun 08

I machined into cones with slots, which only undo with my tool."

My imagination is running riot.

  WhiteTruckMan 15:21 28 Jun 08

Mine just ran out of the room. And with that, I think an early tick to this.


  ray7 16:08 28 Jun 08

'What happens when it rains'

Wear a Raincoat !

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