Worst thing?

  Nontek 16:10 13 Jun 11

Off the top-of-your-head, what is the Worst thing that could happen to you, in your lifetime?

Mine would be,

Out-living my children.

  wee eddie 17:21 13 Jun 11

Becoming a teenager, again!

  Cymro. 17:24 13 Jun 11

Being a resident in that care home that was on Panorama the other week.

  Nontek 17:34 13 Jun 11

Two good answers, so far! Thanks.

  chub_tor 17:36 13 Jun 11

Losing my wife who is 66 today!

  oresome 17:44 13 Jun 11

I've been trying to 'lose' my wife for years but she keeps a tight rein!

  lucky1 17:45 13 Jun 11

Dying a long painful death. Must be hell.

  interzone55 17:47 13 Jun 11

I really don't think of things like this, much better to dwell on the positive.

I suppose someone dropping a 40 megaton nuclear warhead about 20 miles from my house would ruin my day, not close enough to kill me straight off, but enough to give me a long, lingering death from radiation poisoning.

Or perhaps the EDL & BNP getting into power would take the shine off the next few years.

But really, I don't think about these things because if you dwell on the bad you can never be truly happy...

  Blackhat 17:59 13 Jun 11

It has just happened today.

Apart from loss of close family & friends, which is a matter of life, the only other thing I am passionate about is my businesses.

I had to put one of my companies into receivership today. I spent years building it up to £1M+ turnover a year but due to the combination of late paying customers, suppliers errors in product costings, my bookkeepers errors, lack of support from my bank and incompetence by my factoring agent and other factors, I cannot fund the companies increase in order book.

Fortunately I have more than one Ltd company and am transferring manufacturing from one to the other. Yes I know its called phoenixing and a bad word to many but I have to survive and maintain the employment of my staff.

I am writing off debt mostly to Crown and a few major suppliers who can be replaced.

I do not want to discuss the details surrounding this event but it is the worst scenario for me as a businessman. I am gutted that it had to come to this but I feel that I can move forward now and a great weight has been lifted.

  chub_tor 18:28 13 Jun 11

spider 9 "I once lost my wife - but unfortunately she found her way back! Boom, Boom !!"

Another reincarnation thread then....

  SB23 18:30 13 Jun 11

I can sympathise with Blackhat, as for both me and the wife was bankruptcy back a few years ago. We had struggled for years, even got help which turned out to make things worse, and in the end we had no choice, even the judge agreed. The lead up to the morning in court was the worst few months of our lives, and not an option I would recommend, as its not the "easy way out" as some people say.

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