is this the worst tattoo you have seen

  sunnystaines 21:03 20 Feb 11

click here

must be divvy or been on drugs at the time

  wellshgit 21:34 20 Feb 11

He is just an idiot. I knew someone who had Elvis tatooed on his forehead. Thankfully I've never had the urge to mutilate myself, I'm ugly enough as I am!

  MAJ 21:36 20 Feb 11

I haven't yet seen a tattoo, or piercing (double yukkkk!!) for that matter, that I thought looked good.

  ton 21:47 20 Feb 11

I agree with you MAJ

  OTT_B 21:48 20 Feb 11

is this the worst tattoo you have seen?

No, probably not. But it certainly ranks as one of the most ridiculous.

  Uboat 22:07 20 Feb 11

I always remember a guy in the late 80's on a boys weekend away getting a tattoo done, he wanted Def Leppard but as they was all in Holland the tatooist named it Dead leppard & the guy went nuts over it! to this day he's still got it! lol

  Strawballs 22:24 20 Feb 11

click here here are a few more

  Dragon_Heart 22:58 20 Feb 11

... about a tattoo & Llandudno ..... but I fear the FE would remove it.

One or two more :-

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

Would you give any of them a job ..... or is that the idea ?

  wolfie3000 00:03 21 Feb 11

Not the worst iv seen, An ex girlfriend of mine had quite a collection of tattoos in some unique places and to be honest I liked them.

Iv no problem with people getting facial tattoos, I feel if people want to wear art on there bodies then more power to them.

The problem comes when people get a tattoo without thinking about it then regret it, I have a tattoo myself and took over 2 months before opting for a design and made damm sure the tattoo parlor was reputable and clean.

I guess the fool in the first link didnt think before getting his face inked.

Also have 5 piercings in my ears but dont wear any ear rings nowadays.

Iv never regretted getting inked and pierced and recommend getting a tattoo to everyone even if its a small discreet one.

"Jobless "Mad Dog" Deon, 27..."

Anyone else got a feeling that this man will be living entirely off tax payers all of his life?

  Snec 03:21 21 Feb 11

I don't think I've ever seen a tattoo that made anyone look more attractive and I wouldn't be surprised if it is discovered someday that there's someting in the ink that affects IQ levels.

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