Worst site for adverts?

  Autoschediastic 21:57 02 Jun 11

just getting a bit tired of searching the net and the vastness of sites that are now going way OTT with adverts, here is one i view regular but its now getting to the stage where 15 adverts on the main page and this is all the time? could you imagine how users with older pc's struggle to view the site and with slower connections?

This site is taking the proverbial


  n47. 22:32 02 Jun 11

It loads fine with a sempron 3000+, 256Mb of ram running xp. But the Hull daily mail web site is littered. I suppose you have to expect this if you want to view part of the paper via the web. They have to get revenue from somewere. It might be something to do with the terrible broadband they serve from karoo.

Bit of a laugh about willie mason saying it's not his fault as he leaves craven park. Having talks with a french club a couple of weeks after the robins pay a record transfer for him.

  Al94 22:56 02 Jun 11

Looks like a dog's dinner

  lotvic 23:05 02 Jun 11

Ads not a problem using FF and AdBlockPlus.

  Covergirl 05:38 03 Jun 11

HUll & East Riding looks absolutely normal - everyone relies on advertising; there's at least 6 on this forum page.

And I notice with interest, the full page adverts are back on PCA. Didn't take long to get that sorted.


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