Worms in water butt

  Covergirl 12:29 21 Mar 11

Checking over my plastic dustbins (which I use as water butts in the garden), I notice there are a lot of dead worms in the bottom of the bin - dead because they have been submerged in the several inches of water I left in there in Autumn.

I wondered how they got there as there are no holes in the bins and they're lidded. They weren't there in Autumn.

Anybody know if worms have a propensity for bin dwelling?


  sunnystaines 12:39 21 Mar 11

via secret wormhole

  wiz-king 14:19 21 Mar 11

Climbed up the outside looking for water, then suffered memory loss due to drinking too much water and forgot how to swim to get out.
Dats my theory and I'm sticking to it. *grin*

  Grey Goo 14:23 21 Mar 11

Probably mutineers and were Cast adrift

  peter99co 15:28 21 Mar 11

Maybe they were under the lid when you put them on and you did not see them.

  Covergirl 15:45 21 Mar 11

. . climbed up. Larger worms wouldn't generate the grip but smaller ones might manage it.

Suicidal idiots.

  SparkyJack 15:49 21 Mar 11

Worms as with all living things start as eggs/then larva/embryo- which may be so small as to not be easily noticeable- birds eat worms amd may 'exude' eggs/larva which then hatch only to discover nothing to eat and no swimming lessons. ;-]

  QuizMan 16:48 21 Mar 11

I found a cat collar at the bottom of mine. I am hoping it belonged to that pesky cat that uses my garden as a toilet. Whilst I wish it no permanent harm, I hope it had a good wash.

  Dragon_Heart 17:50 22 Mar 11

Do you want to borrow our dog. Our local pain in the neck ( sorry car ) did the wall of death stunt around our shed, gate and house wall as our dog chased it.

He also gives the magpies a good fright :-)

  Armchair 18:12 22 Mar 11

Maybe disturbed birds dropped them in.

  zzzz999 07:18 24 Mar 11

We did that trick of planting yoghurt cartons full of ale in the garden to keep the slugs from the strawberries. Worked a treat, but several nights poor sleep listening to slugs singing and dancing and having a bloody good time ....before they drunkenly fell in

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