World Cup 2018

  ukpostcode 15:12 02 Dec 10

So can we win & stage The World Cup in 2018?

  ukpostcode 15:33 02 Dec 10

England will NOT host the 2018 event:-(

  dagbladet 15:37 02 Dec 10


  Al94 15:38 02 Dec 10


  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:44 02 Dec 10

Good shout and we've saved a pile of cash with less pig snouts in the trough.


  Bapou 16:05 02 Dec 10

Did anyone really believe the presentation would be enough to sway opinion? Or, any other reason come to that.

I certainly do not go along with blaming the BBC for the decision.

That was made a long time a go although everyone had to go through the motions of pretending otherwise. Mustn't allow the chance of luxury away days for the delegates to be given up.

  interzone55 16:31 02 Dec 10

I'm sure the Murdoch papers & media will get a lot of mileage out of blaming the BBC, and murdoch's trained monkey in the Cameron camp will ensure that there will be an official government inquiry about the Panorama program...

  uk-wizard 16:57 02 Dec 10

Good. Might make for less media coverage especially if we go out after the first match.
Much as I like 'local' football, big tournaments leave me underwhelmed.

  WhiteTruckMan 17:39 02 Dec 10

Hardly! In fact when you consider just where it's going theres a fair chance of there being a lot more in the trough!

Just not our lot!


  Cymro. 17:43 02 Dec 10

I am also very glad that they did not get it. More than enough "moidering" about sport as it is. Imagine if they had been successful, they would then expect to win the damn thing.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:12 02 Dec 10

Some terribly uncharitable people may suggest that Russia would be the least likely country to *ahem* make waves *ahem* about corruption within an organisation or society.


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