work experience at top City banks

  john 52 10:20 13 Feb 11

The adage its not what you know its who you know that is important seems to be still true today.

But at least its going to a good cause Tory party funds ?

click here

  spider9 10:48 13 Feb 11

Certainly puts the 'we're all in this together' into perspecive though!

Some rather poor errors in judgement being made, particularly in these hard times, in my view.

  spider9 10:49 13 Feb 11

be a 't' in there, somewhere!!

  john 52 10:52 13 Feb 11

I do agree with you fourum member that it is the way of the world but it does not matter which party has done this it is still wrong ! I would be still posting the same thread if it was a opposition party especially at a time when many young people are struggling to find employment after university or struggling with university fees.

I think the most important point in this is the lack of judgement shown by David Cameron and not for the first time

  robgf 11:00 13 Feb 11

It's hardly surprising, the rich and powerful have always given their kids an unfair advantage.

Many moons ago, when I did the eleven plus, my class had five children from local factory owners families. All five passed and went to grammar school, despite several of them being as thick as a brick.
There was a bit of an outcry from a few of the brighter kids parents, but they had no influence, so nothing happened.

Mind you, I always feel a bit sorry for the kids of rich parents. The chances of them maintaining the lifestyle they grew up in, is very small, without a lot of help from mum and dad. And if you are given a blatant leg up, wouldn't you always feel a failure.

  spuds 11:06 13 Feb 11

Perhaps nothing to do with this 'City Bank work experience', but the other evening there was a television investigation programme regarding people working for free, with some of the larger or better known establishments in London.

The 'employees' had to provide all their own costs, but in the report it was stated that this was usually met by wealthy parents or family, with the occasional exceptions of a part-time evening job. £16.00 per night hostels seemed to be the preference to those less well off, seeking fame and fortune, plus a possible foot in the the door.

And who says that there is a minimum wage structure, that the laws of this land demands?.

  robgf 11:31 13 Feb 11

I watched that program as well. And was surprised that it was legal not to pay the minimum wage. I thought the only exceptions were volunteers for charities.
Hope my boss didn't watch, he will be reemploying all the poles as interns.

  spider9 12:07 13 Feb 11

Correct me if i'm wrong, but was this forum not full of tedious 'rants' against one Mr G Brown, whe he was PM?
I would look up some of these former examples - but I have a life to live!!

  john 52 12:28 13 Feb 11

fourm member

But that is the point does "practice what you preach" ring any bells ?

It is more than a "tedious rants against the PM" it is the message it sends out to the country and as such is shows a lack of judgement .
It may surprise you but I did not agree with everything the Labour party did while in office but trying to switch this thread away from the issue is not needed unless you do not wish the topic to be discussed in a proper manner

  Forum Editor 13:52 13 Feb 11

it is still wrong !"

Why is it wrong?

  spider9 14:08 13 Feb 11

To me it's wrong because it is sending a clear message that there is privilege reserved for only those who can afford to pay - not on any kind of personal merit or learning.

It sends the message to poorer background children that there is little point working hard, the 'haves' will always manage to put their own kids ahead of you, anyway, by simple cash payments to a political party.

So much for any meritocracy!

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