A word of thanks is due to you all,

  Forum Editor 00:02 02 Sep 06

for putting up with the nonsense that's been spoiling your enjoyment of the forum over the past 18 hours or so.

As many of you have realised, we've been subjected to a barrage of offensive posts from a person who has a grudge against me - because I banned him from the forum. By behaving in this way the person concerned has confirmed that I was right to take the action I did, but that's not much consolation to those of you who have been trying to obtain/provide help and advice.

The problem wasn't helped by the fact that I was in an aircraft for several hours this morning, and was blissfully unaware of what was happening in my absence. Other people in the office stepped into the breach and provided some excellent backup, and my thanks goes to them, too.

Those of you (and there were many) who emailed me should all have received an acknowledgment by now - albeit a hasty two words of thanks, but some people may have slipped through the net - I'm sorry if that's happened to you, please accept this as my belated thanks for your help.

I'm not saying the problem's over, but we're taking certain steps to deal with the person involved, and I hope he realises that he's doing himself no good by behaving in such a way.

Thanks, once again, for all your help and patience today.

  Djohn 00:05 02 Sep 06

Not your fault FE and no need for apologies. We do get the odd idiot in here now and then but they usually lose interest and fade away. Pity its placing a bigger workload on you than normal.

  rdave13 00:08 02 Sep 06

Thanks for dealing with mindless, selfish persons with big chips on rather small shoulders and thanks to the "backup" staff.

  ade.h 00:08 02 Sep 06

Not at all, FE.

We all tend to unite when some small-minded individual decides to take their frustrations/boredom out on our favourite forum.

Keep up the sterling work.

  Kev.Ifty 00:10 02 Sep 06

Who said Speakers Corner was becoming boring?

Keep up the good work FE.

:-) Kev

  sean-278262 00:13 02 Sep 06

Have you considered doing a bit of digging on this person FE. There is probable cause for you to bring this to the police attention as this is a family oriented site and I assume you are going to get hold of this persons ISP and inform them of their "lovely user". I am one of the many that had the misfortune to click the links but like most of the others realised it before the page loaded and closed promptly.

My thanks to you for bringing it under control so fast.


  wolfie3000 00:20 02 Sep 06

Sterling work FE and the support staff.

  Forum Editor 00:21 02 Sep 06

We're on the case.

If anyone spots any dodgy posts that I've missed I would very much apreciate a quick email from the thread (via the 'contact forum editor' link) so we can clean up.

Thanks to everyone for the messages of encouragement - my inbox is overflowing, and I won't be able to send individual responses. I'm very touched by the flood of support.

  wolfie3000 00:27 02 Sep 06

I will have a nose round and see what i can turn up.

  wolfie3000 00:43 02 Sep 06

iv sent you a few FE hope it helps.

  Forum Editor 00:53 02 Sep 06

that's a great help.

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