Woolies Reborn

  interzone55 09:05 02 Feb 09

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Seems the Barclay Brothers have decided to save on the asset stripping by waiting for the company to die before buying the brand name.

Be interesting to see how this works out, because Woolworth's own online division didn't do very well.

If it does do well they'll need to get some more staff because Shop Direct (formally Littlewoods, and the only part of the former retail empire left standing after the last bit of asset stripping by the Barcalys) just got rid of 1,150 staff from their Crosby call centre.
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  Forum Editor 09:10 02 Feb 09

the success or otherwise of this one will depend on product range, price, and fulfilment.

I'm not getting too excited.

  jack 09:36 02 Feb 09

Long ago to the likes of 99p Shop -Pound Stretcher and the like.
If Woolworth does re appear as another type of operation all together

  oresome 11:06 02 Feb 09

I wouldn't have thought Woolworths as a brand name had much value. It sold mainly tat at higher prices than many other retailers.

  The Brigadier 11:20 02 Feb 09

It's common in business to do this.
Why buy when the asking price is high, better to wait until it's low.
A re-branded Woolworths may work on-line after all they have UK Entertainment & Ladybird Clothing both profit making lines.

  interzone55 11:59 02 Feb 09

UK Entertainment & Ladybird belonged to Woolworths the company.

The Barclays have bought the Woolworths name, so they won't have the music / DVD distribution or the clothing range.

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