Wonder what Lambo think!?

  ams4127 19:47 24 Dec 11
  carver 08:47 25 Dec 11

That is either dedication or he needs medication, to build a car then demolish the house to get it out.

Either way a very good looking car, wonder if he has a wife after that or even if he had one to start with.

  sidecar sid 10:12 25 Dec 11

That reminds me,time to wash the Ferrari. bucket and sponge

  Forum Editor 10:30 25 Dec 11

I can't help wondering if it might have been less expensive to buy a real one in the first place. It would certainly have been less time-consuming. I'm sure he derived immense satisfaction from the building process, but after all that, it's still not the real thing.

  robgf 13:22 25 Dec 11


"it's still not the real thing."

Does that matter, I would be chuffed to know I built that, any fool can buy one. Although quite why anyone would want one is a different matter. The boss next door to where I used to work had something similar and took me for a spin, it was fun, but very uncomfortable. The only way he could get out, was to roll out onto his hands and knees.

I wonder if he can drive it on the road though? With all the modern red tape.

  wiz-king 15:28 25 Dec 11

I wonder if he can drive it on the road though?

He could in this country if it passes is MOT Type Approval test.


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