Wonder if he supports enforced Euthanasia

  Kevscar1 11:06 05 Apr 13
  carver 16:49 05 Apr 13

spider9 I have spent a great deal of time having to put up with an MP as an in-law, I have watched him acquire items at our expense at every opportunity, things that were supposed to be for his London address but always finished up at his other home

Tv's bought because he needed one for his London flat but O dear it's too big I shall have to swap it for the little TV at home.

A complete new set of furniture that would not fit in his London Flat so silly him had to swap it for some old stuff at home.

Get the picture.

  fourm member 16:52 05 Apr 13


As I said, Bichard is calling for the widest possible consideration of options for coping with an ageing population.

Therefore, it is very easy to cherry-pick items that appear to make him uncaring.

It would also be very easy for me, in return, to cherry-pick a few quotes where he shows his concern for the wellbeing of the elderly. But, to do so would just legitimise your cherry-picking.

I'm, of course, pleased to hear that you have everything you need. But I do wonder why you miss no opportunity to insult or ridicule those who have more. It must surely undermine your contentment.


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