women and religion

  sunnystaines 06:01 13 Jul 10

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Cannot see why in various religions woman are not allowed to be a priest,bishop,imam, or rabbi.

we have woman doctors and mp's so I cannot see the problem, if these groups got rid of the objectors within perhaps their religions would not be so narrow minded and extremist.

whats you views

  Noldi 06:09 13 Jul 10

As in any job it’s the person not the gender. If you have the ability then you should be on a level playing field.

Unless there is something I don’t know about that a Bishop does that a woman can’t do ????.

That’s my view, but im not great on religion.


  morddwyd 06:39 13 Jul 10

It is fairly obvious that women should never be bishops, using the same rational arguments that people with ginger hair should never be surgeons!

  loser7 08:25 13 Jul 10

Religion seems to be a law unto itself, this post alone will be enough to offend their god fearing souls.

  interzone55 08:41 13 Jul 10

Interestingly when I used to go to church, before the overwhelming hypocrisy of the CofE finally got to me, most of the people who objected to us getting a female priest were female themselves.

The Mother's union could twist a male priest, of either sexual orientation, round their little fingers, but they knew they wouldn't get their own way when a female priest was in place. And that proved to be the case...

  spuds 12:31 13 Jul 10

In a man's world there are four taboo topics, and the title of this post points to two of them ;o))

  zzzz999 07:47 14 Jul 10

women cannot understand the offside rule; their claim for equality in the eyes of God is dismissed. Sorry, but them's the rules.

  zzzz999 07:48 14 Jul 10

I suppose the same question could be raised about male teachers and primary schools.

  bri-an 09:45 14 Jul 10

"I suppose the same question could be raised about male teachers and primary schools"

Cannot understand your logic here.

Primary schools have had male teachers for decades, haven't they?

  bri-an 09:46 14 Jul 10

But I take your point about the offside rule!!!

  sunnystaines 10:52 14 Jul 10

I am lost on both of ricks points

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