wireless in-ear headphones

  Legolas 19:42 16 Mar 09

I am considering buying some wireless in-ear headphones does anyone have any recommendations. I have had a look on-line but the only ones I can find are all very expensive and as a Scot I am of course looking for a bargain ;}}

  Quickbeam 20:12 16 Mar 09

Are these any good? click here

  Legolas 20:40 16 Mar 09

LOL Well according to an article I read the other day, in-ear headphones are bad for your hearing so I might need one of these before long. I would like to see the faces on the bus/train when I get my ear trumpet out and plug it in to my ipod ;}}

I like the silver antique one, it would go well with my ipod touch

  Legolas 08:58 17 Mar 09

OK I'll widen it a bit anyone have any recommendations for in-ear headphones wireless or otherwise?

  crosstrainer 10:53 17 Mar 09

Only ones I can find are £££ (249 of em!) senheisers and a good make though:

click here

Halfway down the page, but I'm guessing you won't want to pay that kind of dosh :))

  I am Spartacus 11:01 17 Mar 09

I've been using the Sony MDR-W08 in-ear headphones for a few years. I find them very comfortable with a crisp sound and good bass. Also there's very little sound leakage.

click here

The problem with them is they're not very robust and seem to last only a couple of years although that is with daily use.

  Toneman 11:06 17 Mar 09

Have you considered Bose, about £79 on-line. I don't have them but my Bose radio is very satisfactory...

  Al94 11:08 17 Mar 09

Try the Bose in ear headphones click here I have been using mine for 18 months, absolutely incredible sound will full rich base, well worth every penny although if you shop around, you may find them cheaper.

  Toneman 11:09 17 Mar 09

Sorry, don't seem to be wireless,

  Chegs ®™ 07:07 18 Mar 09

The Gadget Show featured some in-ear noise cancelling devices which were tested for efficiency by one presenter wearing the ear-phones whilst another presenter played extremely loud music.The verdict was the ear-phones were brilliant & also cost just £29 a set.Unfortunately,I missed the manufacturer but the show is available through click here

  laurie53 08:25 18 Mar 09

Just as an aside, I just cannot use in ear 'phones. They simply won't stay in.

It seems that my ears, or at least the orifices, are too small. I even have trouble with ear plugs.

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