laurie53 09:27 01 Nov 07

Cheer up everybody!

Shortest day next month, then lighter nights and it will soon be Spring!

  Earthsea 11:44 01 Nov 07

But I like short days and cold weather.

  Jak_1 12:57 01 Nov 07

"But I like short days and cold weather."

You could always live in the Arctic then and migrate to the Antarctic as the nights get shorter :)

  donki 12:58 01 Nov 07

I dont mind the colder weather (not rain thou), but the dark mornings and dark evenings are depressing through the week. I wake up at 6.30 and drive to work in the dark, then come 5.00 I leave work and drive home in the dark..... *yawn* im tired just thinken about it :(.

  Earthsea 14:29 01 Nov 07

Forgot to mention I like rain too, and wind. Always have done, and my mum told me I was a strange child, so I guess I'm a strange adult now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:07 01 Nov 07


Need a good long cold snap to kill off all the germs.

i have to admit, i prefer winter over summer, i have had hay fever all my life. and it doesnt matter how cold it gets, you can always warm up. i like that coming in and closing the cold outside. log fires and cool pillows, heaven!
i like 2 weeks of sun, thats enough for me, it's wasted when im indoors working, you cant sleep, get burnt, insect bites, spiders, noisy air con.
winter everytime here.

oh and fewer caravaners:)

  Pressure_tester 21:09 01 Nov 07

Why is it just after the clocks has changed that a high proportion of cars only have one headlight working and of course it is on the nearside?

how can you like rain? if you are sitting infront of the tv and it's pi@#ing down do you feel you are missing out? are you a duck?
i have met just a few you share my love of cold weather but rain??

  Brumas 21:12 01 Nov 07

To match all those cars that have been running all year on just one brake-light I suppose ;o)

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