Windy Ireland To Power Up The UK ?

  Aitchbee 24 Jan 13

Read all about it here:-

Hundreds of giant wind turbines will be built across the boglands of Ireland and the power generated would be transferred / sold to the UK.

Is this a feasible project or a crazy idea?

  Quickbeam 24 Jan 13

Why not just send the Blarney Stone over here?

  Quickbeam 24 Jan 13

Well you would've bin disappointed if no-one said it...

  Al94 24 Jan 13

Irish energy minister Pat Rabbitte said that the process was in its infancy and no decisions had been made about how the energy for export would be generated.

  Quickbeam 24 Jan 13

And if it results in N Ireland being blown into the Isle of Man, which tax regime will prevail bearing in mind that Cameron want's more tax collecting?

  morddwyd 24 Jan 13

Since England gets its water from Wales and it's oil from Scotland why shouldn't it get its electricity from Ireland?

(Logs out until after the weekend!)

  Aitchbee 24 Jan 13

Apologies to Aitchbee for being slightly off subject, but ...

Yesterday I bought a cheap halogen clip light from Lidl.[with a 35 watt GU10 halogen bulb included]. It cost me £3.99.

I bought, and fitted a replacement LED bulb for £5.99 which consumes a tenth of the energy (3 watts), and it is just as bright as the 35 watt equivalent bulb.

Why isn't the Government advising us [Joe Public] to use these more energy efficient LED light bulbs?

  Kevscar1 25 Jan 13

Surely theres enough Hot Air g enerated in the Houses of Parliment to power half of Europe

  Quickbeam 25 Jan 13

The other half required being in Brussels, but needing extra handling care being of the super heated exhaust type.

  kad60 25 Jan 13

Visited Redcar a while ago,don't ask why please,and offshore were some structures, i had to ask about these and apparently they are for some wind turbines,i think i counted fifteen in clear view not far offshore.Locals were not impressed.

Mind you it is windy in them parts which is probably why there is no beach.

  namtas 25 Jan 13

I wonder hope long it will be and how much money will have to be wasted before a stop is called to this flawed policy. Wind power can never ever be an economical proposition to solve the UK energy requirements.


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