Windows XP users: What are your immediate plans?

  PC Advisor 10:38 14 Jul 10

Now that Microsoft has withdrawn support for Windows XP Service Pack 2, do you plan to upgrade to SP3, or have you already? Will you stick it out without active support? Or will you take the leap to Windows 7?

If you're an XP user, we'd love to hear what you plan to do. Please select an option in the poll in the lefthand column, just below the picture of the magazine.

David Price

  Noldi 10:54 14 Jul 10

Nothing. stick with XP sp2.

Computer does what I require, unless I have to install new software that is not compatible I have no plans to upgrade that particular computer.


  Armchair 11:11 14 Jul 10

Keep using XP SP3 for as long as I can. The only way I'll switch to Windows 7 is if I have a major hardware failure, and bite the bullet and buy a new desktop PC.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:39 14 Jul 10

I've been happy using XP SP3 but, my PC has hardware problems so I am upgrading in the next week or two, with Windows 7 as part of the upgrade.

  Quickbeam 11:51 14 Jul 10

I just let it upgrade itself, I assume that I must be on SP3...?

  Quickbeam 11:51 14 Jul 10

Yip, just checked, it is on SP3.

  wiz-king 11:58 14 Jul 10

Keep taking the tablets - I have missed Vista and may even miss Win 7 baring breakdowns - roll on Win 8.

  MAT ALAN 12:13 14 Jul 10

I am running XP Home SP3 and for the time being have no intention of upgrading to win.7.
There are still plenty of things you can do without the support of service packs and hot fixes to protect your PC from the dangers of surfing the net.
As Mr Mistoffelees and Armchair have suggested it maybe a consideration in the future due to some catastrophic failure...

  Uboat 12:17 14 Jul 10

Ive got a XP Pro Disc (Genuine) & its been on my top for over a year i wont go near it tbh, I loved XP but due to the changes with OS's & the ridiculous amounts of Updates i gave up on it..

  spuds 12:36 14 Jul 10

I run regular XP/SP automatic upgrade checks. XP/SP3 I already have, and it will remain.

Not one of the 'must have' brigades. Let other people have the problems first ;o))

  sunnystaines 13:00 14 Jul 10

a problem lies with many laptop makers not releasing drivers so user can upgrade out of xp to vista or w7.

sony is a classic example of this, sent emails to them on this issue but they never replied, unlikly to buy sony again, shame as they area good build.

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