Windows Vista £300 cheaper than XP per year

  Pine Man 10:43 06 Sep 07

I knew Vista was best!!!

See todays news items.

  Seth Haniel 11:03 06 Sep 07

the study was actually based on XP usage and extrapolations based on Vista capabilities because there was not a substantial base of Vista clients in use

Where is the proof ??????????

  dagbladet 11:05 06 Sep 07

I don't think this really applies to home users. I've had XP for a few years now and apart from the built in cost of buying it with the new PC, I don't think it costs me anything per year. Does it?

  Riojaa 11:31 06 Sep 07

Sounds like someone is desperate to clutch at any thrown little vista pine nuts.

We the users and buyers of both systems will be the true judges but it will take a long time to come to any concrete conclusions.

Why would one with such little expert knowledge accept this virtual aero call over XP?

  Seth Haniel 11:47 06 Sep 07

looks like a straw pole - and someones clutching at them ;)

  Clapton is God 11:52 06 Sep 07

"Windows Vista £300 cheaper than XP per year"

Perhaps MS are so desperate to sell Vista, that they'll use any ploy to offload it?

  Pine Man 12:05 06 Sep 07

Don't shoot the messenger ;-)

  Riojaa 12:40 06 Sep 07

Sorry Pine Man, for a moment, I thought you said "I knew Vista was best".

  Pine Man 13:20 06 Sep 07

Well, but, yes, but ok I did say that but only because it's true!

Hopefully you didn't mean 'one with such little expert knowledge' was me as well - pulleese.

vista £229 +£129 ultimate upgrade
xp pro £69

did i do something wrong?

+ £300 ram and graphics upgrade (vista)

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