Windows Service pack2 worry

  knobler 13:14 12 Apr 05

It's worrying me that as of today I'll have choice but to download the service pack.

I heard so many stories of it causing the machine to have problems etc. I'm getting worried as I'm no computer whizz!

Anybody else feel the same about Bill's heavy handed tactics?

  The Spires 13:29 12 Apr 05

I have installed it any many Pc's from a 64 bit Athlon to a K6 400 without a problem. It's now incorporated into any windows cd you buy. Chances are it will be fine & your pc will be safer online.

  knobler 13:31 12 Apr 05

Just have to find out how to back up my data and bite the bullet - russian roullete time!!!!!

  TOPCAT® 13:56 12 Apr 05

but just in case you can check here. TC.

click here

  Forum Editor 23:12 12 Apr 05

of it causing the machine to have problems"

Well maybe you did knobler, but think of this - for every computer user who has had a problem with SP2 there hundreds who didn't. The odds that you'll hit trouble are therefore hundreds to one against, and even if something did go wrong it wouldn't be the end of the world. Just come to the forum and we'll help you through it.

  Buchan 35 23:34 12 Apr 05

Go to Windows update and when the home page comes up ,if you trawl through various pages you`ll find one that tells you what to do BEFORE installing SP2.
I cannot remember it now, but when PCA gave us the free disc last year I posted a thread that showed this information. I hope and know that you`ll be OK.

  Buchan 35 23:36 12 Apr 05

I`ve just remembered I did`nt post under my present nickname...

  knobler 13:13 14 Apr 05

Thanks everybody body for the re-assurance. I've still got the disk that came with PCA (I think!!)

I'll check out what to do before going for it and then just hit the button - Does it give you a 4 minute warning if it goes wrong so that I get a head start on the wife!!!!!!

Thanks for all your help - any problems will be posted on to the help page!


  charlie12 20:36 14 Apr 05

hi have tried to download sp2 and get a message i have not setup automatic updates, computer says i have. what next jen

  charlie12 20:40 14 Apr 05

have put sp2 into other systems and found when it didnt work there was a firewall in the system i didnt know about!

  knobler 14:47 15 Apr 05

I have a firewall in my Belkin router - how fo you disbale that then???!!!

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