Is William Badly Brought Up?

  morddwyd 18 Sep 12

I noticed during a recent Malaysian stopover that he allowed his new wife to precede him down the aircraft steps, presumably ladies first.

Is he so ill bred as not to know that a gentleman always alights from a conveyance first, so that he may assist the lady in descending?

The same applies to entering and leaving a lift first, in case of footpads lying in wait.

Civilised behaviour has truly gone to hell in a hand cart.

On the other hand, perhaps he has just decided that she is no longer a lady, worthy of such consideration!

(Oh, just in case, this is a fun post, please don't get all serious on me)

  Bing.alau 18 Sep 12

morddwyd. As you well know there are different rules in different countries. The last time I was in Malaya itself, women were used for digging roads and being general factotums. In some areas the women are required to walk a fair distance behind their superior menfolk. Perhaps William has been advised not to upset the locals by bringing the bad habits of foreigners in to Malaysia.

Maybe we can learn something from these other countries? (TIC)

  spider9 18 Sep 12

Who the hell is this Mr Badly that has been brought up, anyway?

  johndrew 18 Sep 12

There is a saying in part of Africa that a woman should always walk a few steps in front of a man to allow the lion to eat her rather than him ;-)

  Bing.alau 18 Sep 12

johndrew. Chivalry is still alive then?

  Joseph Kerr 18 Sep 12


  wiz-king 18 Sep 12

Sorry - had to give up on chivalry - they would not let me on the bus with my sword and they don't do horse passes for my neddy.

I just wish people would keep on the left of the pavements - like cars on the road and trains on the tracks.

  morddwyd 19 Sep 12

"I just wish people would keep on the left of the pavements"

Too much to ask of pedestrians, but cyclists would be a start!

  Bing.alau 19 Sep 12

I find that when walking on pavements, a walking stick through the spokes of a bike works wonders.

  spider9 19 Sep 12

"a walking stick through the spokes of a bike works wonders"

Somehow I doubt you would actually do that, the consequences for you might be extremely serious. Unless the 'biker' was trying to rob you etc, then charges of assault could ensue, to say nothing of your life savings going in reparation if you caused injury for example. (A bit of 'whiplash' and a no-fee lawyer perhaps?).

Good to dream these things, not so clever to actually do them however!!

  Bing.alau 19 Sep 12

spider. How right you are. I did actually stop a cyclist riding on the pavement in the local village though, He was shocked when I just stepped in front of him and told him to get off the pavement. He was in his thirties at a guess and should have known better. He was going to get stroppy about it but as I had my walking stick with me and because there were a few supporters who backed me up he changed his mind. But you are right I have got enough sense not to thrust a stick through the spokes. But it is a damn good idea.


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