Will you subscribe to Sky's 3D channel?

  PC Advisor 10:16 03 Aug 10

Sky is set to begin broadcasting its 3D TV channel to UK consumers in October (click here).

What do you think?

  mr simon 10:31 03 Aug 10

I will certainly not be subscribing. There isn't enough to tempt me at the moment, especially when most of their shows are available over the internet.

Though I have been impressed with the few 3D films I saw, the effect is starting to lose its "wow" factor with me, and what makes it worse is that the focus on the 3D means it comes up short in other areas, such as the main plot!

  Quiller. 10:32 03 Aug 10


  babybell 10:33 03 Aug 10

Not yet anyway, that's one for the future.

Incidentally, I had a letter from Sky yesterday saying that they are always trying to improve their service to their customers and as a result my subscription was going up by £1 a month to fund their investment in future technology.

It stated 3D channels as one of the reasons, but this is a subscription service. So I'm paying £1 extra plus if I ever wanted to have 3D, I need to pay again!

I'm not sure if 3D is just a pipedream at the moment, I'm not sure people could watch TV constantly in this manner, must hurt the eyes after a while!

  egapup 10:35 03 Aug 10


  Quickbeam 10:38 03 Aug 10

Offer me a 'pay as you watch' package and I'll think about ti.

  sunnystaines 11:51 03 Aug 10

no, if you suffer any headaches stay well clear.

  folsom 11:58 03 Aug 10

NO ........in fact only last week I cancelled my subscription to SKY.....absolute rubbish.

  Woolwell 12:10 03 Aug 10

The expense of the new TV plus wearing special glasses just doesn't appeal. I am far from sure that 3D is worthwhile.

  jack 12:16 03 Aug 10

I don't have SKY and nothing I have seen- advertised and on screen when visiting would entice me to put it in.
Old stick in the Mud Me!

  interzone55 12:46 03 Aug 10

Just another way of extracting cash from gullible people.

I won't subscribe to normal Pay TV, so there's no way on earth I'll subscribe to this fad. I've even given up on 3D movies in the cinema...

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