But Will They Support EU Reform?

  morddwyd 09:54 12 May 16

Idly looking at the packaging on a cucumber just now I noticed that the "Country of Origin" was E Yorks.

No doubt there are those who feel that this is exactly as it should be!

  Old Deuteronomy 10:29 12 May 16

Let the whole of Yorkshire secede from the Union, then Lancashire can close it's border.

  hssutton 10:42 12 May 16

morddwyd. Not sure I fully understand what you are implying. But this is a point I've been making from the start. The UK will not exist as such in a few years time if we remain part of the EU.

  Quickbeam 11:58 12 May 16

The UK won't exist in a few years time if the SNP breaks from the Union post Brexit followed by a desire from Wales and Northern Ireland to follow suit on account of wanting EU membership.

Then we will truly be Little Engand-by-the-Wayside...

That scenario, along with Trump as US President, who would likely take a closed doors protectionist stance on US trading interests for a good few years yet, would leave us standing on the quayside waiting in vain for someone to remember that we're still here hoping for the good ship Utopia to arrive...

  john bunyan 12:29 12 May 16

Yorkshire and Humber , at about 5.3 million population is about the same as Scotland, so not too incongruous! If Quickbeam is right and all these areas cecede from the Union it will be interesting .....

  Quickbeam 12:35 12 May 16

We're already preparing for a seceded future. The first step was in grabbing an international sporting date to big up our international profile :-)

  HondaMan 17:22 12 May 16

And if Cornwall closes it's borders as well ...........

  roy170 19:18 12 May 16

Will the pasty contain the "Country of Origin"


  morddwyd 19:37 12 May 16

"Will the pasty contain the "Country of Origin""

Doesn't need to. The oggie has "Protected Designation of Origin" and anything labelled as "Cornish Pasty" must, by law, be made (though not necessarily baked) in Cornwall.

  Quickbeam 21:26 12 May 16

'Protected Designation of Origin' status is an EU law that we would no longer be bound by thereby opening the floodgates for Chinese made fake Cornish pasties.

Therefore, Brexit would be responsible for the collapse of the Cornish economy which after the recent demise of Cornish tin mining, would render it impossible to recover financially this century.

And they couldn't expect any help from England as all of England's second holiday home owners would find themselves under an enormous fiscal squeeze from the period of uncertainty leaving Cornwall with valueless dwellings as the western economy plummets into an abyss.

God, I bet the Cornish are worrying themselves sick. Not that I want to cause a scare or anything mind...

  Quickbeam 21:32 12 May 16

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