will it help postmen see in dark??

  Seth Haniel 11:19 09 Feb 10

click here
'Glow in the dark' stamp is issued by Jersey Post

  Clapton is God 11:28 09 Feb 10

It wouldn't matter in our area.

The postman never turns up until the afternoon when it's, generally, still daylight.

  peter99co 11:30 09 Feb 10

Is it radio active? I would not want to lick it to stick it on a letter.

  ella33 11:38 09 Feb 10

Thanks for the link, I thought I would be skeptical about the stamps, but seeing they are a children's book collection, I surprised myself by liking them. A good collector's item for kids who collect stamps and I am thinking of a birthday pressie....

I don't think they will catch on a new type of stamp. I would guess this is just a one off for this theme.

I wonder what they will think of next....?

  Cymro. 12:26 09 Feb 10

How about stamps with some sort of electronic chip inside that helps the mail get delivered more efficiently.

  ella33 12:35 09 Feb 10

I like that idea!

  Seth Haniel 12:50 09 Feb 10

I remember when I first collected stamps - the high values where 2/6d, 5/-, 10/-, & £1

now a second class stamp is well over the 5/- (25p) mark at 30p

and with this years Christmas issue - they have reduced the size of commemorative stamps to that of everyday stamp

  Cymro. 12:53 09 Feb 10

So does size matter with stamps then???????

  Seth Haniel 13:03 09 Feb 10

to the philatilist - nice large commemorative with plenty of detail - need even larger magnifying glass for the latest offerings

  BT 17:20 09 Feb 10

Not quite an electronic chip but stamps have had a phosphor stripe pattern on them for many years which enables the electronic sorting between first and second class.

  interzone55 20:40 09 Feb 10

"How about stamps with some sort of electronic chip inside that helps the mail get delivered more efficiently."

How would that help, as the stamp wouldn't know where the letter is supposed to go.

The best way to ensure a letter is delivered correctly is to write the postcode VERY clearly so the sorting machine OCR scanner can read it...

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