Will He , Won't he ? Abu Qatada.

  john bunyan 14:33 PM 10 May 13

Having cost the taxpayer millions Abu Qatada now hints he may agree to go to Jordan if they ratify the treaty. Theresa May must be breathing a sigh of relief.

Abu Qatada

  carver 14:34 PM 10 May 13

Don't hold your breath.

  fourm member 15:16 PM 10 May 13

I don't doubt that Abu Qatada, like all religious fanatics, is a most unpleasant person but I'm interested to see that he appears not to fear a fair trial in Jordan.

If, and I'm only speculating here, if he was found not guilty by that trial would people accept it as fair?

  wiz-king 16:08 PM 10 May 13

I wont hold my breath whilst the pink pigs are flying.

  carver 16:39 PM 10 May 13

wiz-king I'm glad you've seen them as well, just thought I'd had to much to drink.

  Kevscar1 17:06 PM 10 May 13

Very late April Fools

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:41 PM 10 May 13

I don't care how or why he is removed from this country and returned to Jordan, just make it sooner rather than later.

  Aitchbee 18:14 PM 10 May 13

If he is found 'not guilty' in a Jordan court-of-law, will he then be able to return to the UK, if he so desires?

  john bunyan 18:28 PM 10 May 13

"If he is found 'not guilty' in a Jordan court-of-law, will he then be able to return to the UK, if he so desires?"

I think not, as he is, I believe, a Palestinian of Jordan origin so presumably could be refused entry.

  Forum Editor 18:51 PM 10 May 13

He is a Jordanian national. He was born in Bethlehem which at the time (1960) was under Jordan's control.

I wouldn't give much for his chances of ever being allowed back into the UK, once he leaves.


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