Will the fall of Large Stores make way for the Independents again?

  Proclaimer 16 Jan 13

I was just thinking that as all these High Street names fall over that perhaps the high street will revert back to the 70's with lots of independent traders getting back into the high street depending upon demand in any given area.

Something like the old record and video shop that I used to visit in my home town before HMV and Blockbuster chains forced them to close could be a viable option again for areas where broadband is not so 'broad' or cheap.

  SillBill 16 Jan 13

Not until the Landlords make sensible rents and Councils do the same with Rates. Two reasons for the decline in our High Streets.

  Forum Editor 16 Jan 13

"perhaps the high street will revert back to the 70's with lots of independent traders"

I see no reason why that should happen -independent traders are far less able to withstand the setbacks that accompany an economic downturn. When a well-known retail chain goes down it's big news, so we all know about it. We don't hear about the many independent traders who go broke every week.

  Woolwell 16 Jan 13

If people want shops to remain open then they have to buy from them instead of looking and purchasing online. Independents unless they are in a very specialised corner of the market are more likely to get into trouble.


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