Will Basil Brush get sent to prison.

  birdface 15:36 18 Mar 08

Its true.basil brush is under investigation for racism.click here The chief constable of Northamton is looking into the case of racism on childrens TV Favorite Basil brush.Other residents in Northamptonshire cannot even get police protection from muggers burglers and petty crime.But the Chief constable can find time to open an enquiry into this.

  birdface 15:56 18 Mar 08

Rumour Has it that he is in hiding in an unknown lair and is refusing to speak to any reporters after his brush with the law.In his defence most of the Gypsies that come round the doors selling lucky white heather look identical to the one in the show.And as far as I know Samantha Fox is to be called as a character witness.Wonder how much this is going to cost the taxpayers.

  DippyGirl 16:05 18 Mar 08

Stopped being surprised by this sort of thing ages ago. If you think about it too much your head hurts and you'll go mad <PC> No offence or hurt to mad folk intended. </>

  BT 17:00 18 Mar 08

'PC' gone mad again!
I believe this is not a new DVD and the sketch has been around for quite a while. How many more 'retrospective' prosecutions are there going to be. The list could be endless.

  Stuartli 17:53 18 Mar 08


click here

for an amusing resume of the whole mad scene.

Probably beaten only by a certain lady giving forth during a Press conference, after yesterday's ruling by a judge on how much (or, as she believes, too little) her divorce settlement would be.

  birdface 18:06 18 Mar 08

Yes it's a repeat. all the criminals on the loose out there and they waste their time on this.It is a complete waste of taxpayers money.To be fair once a complaint has been made,they have to follow it up.But being headed by the Chief Constable.

  techie4me 18:22 18 Mar 08

I thought Fox Hunting had been banned?
This would mean Basil is safe!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:11 18 Mar 08

Smacks of a "witch hunt" and that's illegal too!


  Grey Goo 22:45 18 Mar 08

As Brian Conley would say "It's a Puppet"

  MikeySchwarzn 23:07 18 Mar 08

Of with his furry racist head!

I wonder if the person who brought this complaint also berates fortune tellers for belittling their own people?

  birdface 01:13 19 Mar 08

The gypsy fortune teller was made to look a little different.But it is what you expect in cartoons and Kiddies programs.if you put a normal person in it would have looked silly.Only an idiot would think that this was racism.In the last couple of months there has been a few travelers murdered as far as we know with there own kind.Bodies dismembered and all that they can come up with is Basil brush is a racist.Enough said.let them fix the real problems in their community without coming up with problems that don't exist.

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