Wi-fi scaremongering madness?

  octal 17:46 24 Apr 07

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I'm just wondering whether Mr Gilbert has actually measured the non-ionising radiation emitted from Wi-fi networks, and actually understood the figures obtained. I think he is totally irresponsible blurting his mouth off without getting his facts right.

I think he should concentrate on what he knows best like wildlife management, environmental studies and natural resources science and maybe take a course in RF engineering, he might actually learn something.

  Kate B 17:59 24 Apr 07

*holds head in hands* I've just written a piece about the dangers or otherwise from wifi radiation. There is nothing to prove that radiation from wifi or mobile phones affects health in the way that pressure groups say they do; though a researcher I spoke to today said "Don't forget, though, that these symptoms are very real, people are really suffering". And she's right; but my (very unscientific) evaluation suggests that they're psychosomatic rather than caused by radiation.

This bit is right, according to one study I looked at today: "While the heating effects of high exposures to electromagnetic radiation can be damaging, the power levels of wireless connections are much lower than the microwave ovens and mobile phones which share the frequency range, and treating them in the same way is the worst sort of scaremongering."

  Kate B 18:02 24 Apr 07

Oh, and great quote from Dr David Coggon of Southampton University on Newsnight last night: "I think the level of concern about Wifi is really fairly low on the scale, much lower than, say, the concerns about global warming or pandemic influenza.”

  Forum Editor 18:11 24 Apr 07

from the Helproom.

  g0slp 18:25 24 Apr 07

Well said, Kate B.

Good evening octal, btw. Long time no speak!

  Kate B 18:26 24 Apr 07

*health warning* I am by no means even remotely expert, btw; nor am I even a scientist ... I am merely a journalist who's reasonably adept at filleting the information I need!

  Forum Editor 18:34 24 Apr 07

Filleting, eh?

That's a process whereby something is served up without its bones, isn't it?

  irishrapter 18:34 24 Apr 07

I have a 32dbi directional aerial with a 300mw card running for a few hours each day, and a lot of the times i'm in the middle of it!

All I can say is that it has not effected mmmeeeeee!


  Forum Editor 18:39 24 Apr 07

but my son is a microbiologist, and has an interest in all kinds of radiation issues. He says he would be perfectly happy to sit within a couple of feet of a WiFi network router for the rest of his life.

Which is just as well, as his father stands a very good chance of doing just that.

  octal 18:44 24 Apr 07


Kate B, do you mean bending the information? Sorry I'm only being cheeky :)

Seriously though, RF engineering is a very complex subject, I've been involved in it for over 40 years and I'm still learning, as probably G0slp is. When Mr Gilbert starts spouting his mouth off about a subject he obviously knows nothing about he is on very dangerous ground, especially a person of his standing.

  Forum Editor 18:44 24 Apr 07

Philip Parkin of the Professional Association of Teachers is fretting as well. He wants the government to investigate the effects of having WiFi networks in schools.

If I was a comprehensive school headmaster I would insist that they also investigated the effects of not having WiFi networks in schools.

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