Why is it always Djohn

  carolineann 19:44 10 Nov 04

Every time I accidently click close, no matter where I am on the site , if I quickly go back on it always takes me to this.

click here

Am I cursed, am I being haunted,

Or is it just a fluke?

  watchful 20:24 10 Nov 04

Very strange that!....but he is a fellow much in demand :o)

  Djohn 03:49 11 Nov 04

I don't know which of the three options to choose? ;o)

  Sethhaniel 09:05 12 Nov 04

Djohn-Vu ;)

  NoeK 22:05 16 Nov 04

Forum Re-name: Comedy

  Buchan 35 22:25 16 Nov 04

Come on you guys this is the first love interest I`ve seen on this forum, lets not spoil it. We`re on your side carolineanne, so spill the beans. Where did you meet this character? Are his intentions still just intentions? or is he going to follow up with an all revealing email. Do keep us posted

  carolineann 22:23 17 Nov 04

Sorry to spoil your fun.

Got broad band yesterday and it's not happening



  Djohn 01:40 18 Nov 04

Pleased to hear your now on broadband :o)

Shattered to hear you've lost contact with me. :o(

  Sapins 09:31 18 Nov 04

I have been directed to this thread, click here for quite a while, I was just ignoring it hoping it would go away but it hasn't, just got it again after mistakenly closing IE whilst on Helproom forum and I am on broadband!

I refute all suggestions concerning the originator and/or content of the thread, my lawyers have been informed and are on 24/24 standby, in fact I was approached by them while I was typing this ;-)

  CurlyWhirly 09:47 18 Nov 04

Sorry to hijack your thread but are you happy with your new broadband connection?
Are you with AOL or did you change ISP?
Finally what speed are you at?
I am on AOL Platinum. (1 mb)

  carolineann 17:15 18 Nov 04

Thanks, reading sapin's thread perhaps I will get you back again.

I think we will keep the e-mails private dont you?

we dont want Buchan 35 to get overexcited.:-)


Yes I am very happy. I decided to change from AOL

to BT. 512k . Unfortunately I have'nt had much time to play with it .Decided on a career change , so I,m
spending more time at work getting to grips with a copperchase system.
Still I have sat and sun afternoon off so I,ll let you know how I get on with it.

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