Why is it.....

  TonyV 19:14 13 Feb 09

that even the BBC cannot get it right now? This evening, on a newscast, the reporter insisted on "haitch" instead of "aitch" for the letter "h". The pronunciation is aitch and not Haitch! Talk about sloppy language, it really is tooth grinding. Does anyone else feel the same?


  newman35 19:17 13 Feb 09

Yes, I was listening as well - it was awful.

  TonyV 19:22 13 Feb 09

The galling thing is it seems to be happening more and more these days. My wife, as an ex-teacher, goes ballistic whenever she hears it!


  rdave13 19:41 13 Feb 09

'ow awful. No 'igh standards!

  TonyV 20:21 13 Feb 09

I refer to the letter H as in HBOS!


  rdave13 20:25 13 Feb 09

In seriousness I wasn't serious.

  TonyV 20:27 13 Feb 09

I realise that, I just posted my bit for clarification in case others had a look!



  Kaacee 20:37 13 Feb 09

I think we have more serious problems to solve at the moment rather than someones mispronunciation. BBC or not.

  rdave13 20:43 13 Feb 09

Nice to see the language being defended. Unfortunately English will evolve to whatever 'standards' it seems fit for a certain age. That is why it's so popular world wide and can even encompass 'text' speech so easily.
Language is a means of conversing and the English language is versatile enough to survive. Latin failed and my mother tongue still struggles.

  Kaacee 21:22 13 Feb 09

rdave13..... nothing to defend what with all the foreign tongues that reside in this country.

  rdave13 21:48 13 Feb 09

"nothing to defend what with all the foreign tongues that reside in this country."
Don't understand. Please explain. We are a nation with many cultures yet English is the true medium if you want to further any career.
I think I'm missing your point purposely.

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