Why is it that ....

  Jackcoms 11:09 24 Feb 07

every week when we do our family shop at Sainsbury's the bill is always, for example, £64 for 64 items or £70 for 70 items or £105 for 105 items, etc, etc?

And, no, we don't buy the same items every week.

Is this some strange marketing/pricing ploy?

  Pine Man 11:15 24 Feb 07

Seems a good deal to me.

Get a crate of scotch and nothing else!

  johndrew 11:20 24 Feb 07

Strange how everything is averaging out at £1. Perhaps as Pine Man says you should try for a crate of scotch on its own!!!

  Input Overload 11:21 24 Feb 07

You count your shopping items?

  Jackcoms 11:26 24 Feb 07

Pine Man

I like your thinking, but, unfortunately, I don't think it quite works like that. ;-)

Input Overload

No we don't count our shopping items. It's detailed on the Sainsbury's receipt.

  spuds 13:35 24 Feb 07

Mentioning store receipts, I seem to gain free items or/and/plus cash vouchers with the weekly/monthly shopping. Always seems to be incorrect prices on the receipts, so usually a customer services adjustment required.

Never use to bother checking receipts, but I sure do now.

  Bingalau 15:24 24 Feb 07

Always check your receipts, mistakes are easily made no matter how computerised the tills etc. are. Besides some supermarkets will correct the mistake in your favour (Please don't berate the checkout chick) and you may well walk out of the store with a bargain. ..Bingalau..

  Forum Editor 15:43 24 Feb 07

What's that, some new form of pre-cooked poultry product?

  190119 15:53 24 Feb 07

When you get to my age any female under 60 is considered a *chick*.

  crosstrainer 15:54 24 Feb 07

As a very early riser, I tend to do my Supermarket shop very early in the morning after training...24 hour Tesco is close.. used to be that real "checkout chicks" were on hand to take your cash...Not anymore... Now we have automatic talking tills! "Please re-scan this product" "Product not recognised" are but two of the regular responses I get when trying to scan my items through. This results in a supervisor being called, till crashes and yep, back to the checkout chick....don't knock em, beat the machine every time!

  mammak 16:59 24 Feb 07

I just had a look at the till receipt from the bit of shopping I did this morning at Somerfield

Total cost £27.85

pretty close that lol.

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