Why don't you all belt up

  csqwared 31 Jan 13

belt up

Happy birthday

  rdave13 01 Feb 13

I remember grumbling about having to put these belts on at the time, not being used to wearing them. I think we had a time of grace, then, before anyone was prosecuted for failing to wear seat belts.

Today I would feel uncomfortable without one.

  Quickbeam 01 Feb 13

Wot no mention of Jimmy Savile and the 'clunk click every trip' ad? that was the mainstay of the campaign to convincing us to wear them.

  Forum Editor 01 Feb 13

It's odd how, nowadays it feels really odd to be in a car without wearing a seat belt.

Not long ago I drove an old LandRover on a farm. It never goes on the road, and for some reason it doesn't have seat belts. It felt really weird, I seemed to be sliding around all over the seat.

  BT 01 Feb 13

I used to wear mine in my old Riley Elf before it was compulsory. The only problem with the original ones were they weren't sprung and once you had adjusted it properly you were held quite firmly into your seat which restricted your movement somewhat.

As rdave13 says I feel quite uncomfortable if on the very rare occasion I haven't put it on.

It still amazes me to see people drive off then start to put their belts on, and some even still undo them when reversing. This was allowed originally because of the non sprung belts as it made it hard to look behind, but these days its not necessary as there is enough slack in modern belts not to restrict you, but there are those who still rebel against belts and take the opportunity to take them off.

  Quickbeam 01 Feb 13

The first I remember of belts was in a new Vauxhall 101 in '63 when I was 7. They were the old non-inertia reel, made by Irvin I recall. I used to put it on when I went to my dads office in Mitcham from Bromley on a Saturday morning. My dad always said that they were really just for going on long trips, but I liked to feel like I was a fighter ace with it on!

Right up until the Jimmy Savile ads in the '70s were shown, most people seemed to consider that they were only for going on long journeys, for 'just in case'.

  Quickbeam 01 Feb 13

...and of course by the mid '80s when he retired, he was in the position of senior H&S manager for a mining & tunnelling company!

How attitudes to safety do change over time...

  spuds 01 Feb 13

On a point of interest, I wonder how many vehicles have failed an MOT for faulty seatbelts, since seatbelts became the normal requirement?.

I don't know why it is, when subjects like this appear,I always think of Marples opening the first motorway here in the UK, and how things have moved on since those very same early day!.

  Quickbeam 01 Feb 13

A You Tube short showing some of the early motorway accident wreckage.

Looks like we have got better over the years.

  spuds 01 Feb 13


I miss the large caravan sites that sprang up at the side of new motorways when they were first being built. The pub sessions on a half day off on a Saturday afternoon. Things have certainly moved on since those days ;o)

  Quickbeam 01 Feb 13

Anyone old enough (I know your there...) to remember pre-M1 trunk routes?

A fascinating piece of film.


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